"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, February 14, 2013

TMJ, Valentine's Day and Real Love

Taking Katya to another Doctor yesterday after an increase in her headaches AND her starting to hold her cheek at the joint area, seems to have given us another possible clue to some of her issues.

She has the "tell tale clicking" that frequently accompanies Temporomandibular joint disorder, known frequently as TMJ for short. We are told that it could easily be a part of her her increased headaches. Everyone knew that Katya had the appearance of a misaligned jaw ever since we first met her, and it has been a minor topic of discussion with her dentist. Everyone was agreed that there was no reason to get alarmed till a full mouth X-ray could be taken while she was under GA.

Since that is scheduled for very soon,  pending Katya's health, hopefully we will get assurance that her joint pain is "only" TMJ and we can get to treating that, hopefully geting her back on track to feeling better.

In the meantime, big sister Charity made Kayta a cold pack cover out of soft, pretty flannel!

Charity also sewed Katya a lovely pink corduroy jumper for Valentine's Day. Sadly, after all the health issues Katya has had this week, she wasn't able to wear it to school today. Being awake from 10:00 pm until 2:00 AM or so and needing Mommy to rock you isn't real conducive to getting back up at 7:45 AM for school. So that was bad news. The good news is that the jumper is not a overtly Valentine's Day item of clothing and can be worn quite nicely any cold, wintery day!
The jumper started with pink baby wale corduroy that came in a grab bag of fabrics from the thrift store. Charity used this pattern from Simplicity that we had on hand. When she discovered that it would require lots of bias tape, and we didn't have any thing on hand that would look right with the fabric, she decided to make her own bias tape using a fat quarter of fabric that would look just lovely with the pink solid fabric of the jumper. This was an entirely new thing to her, and a bit intimidating for her, but Charity bravely plowed forward with the project after looking up some online tutorials and watching a video of the process. The end result was very satisfactory.

Katya was very excited to follow the process, especially with the rose fabric! We have never seen her get so excited over a fabric piece before! When we first showed it to her and asked if we should use it to make her jumper, she clasped it to her chest with joyful excitement, and jumped up and down just like any excited little girl who was thrilled to get something new!! She then spread it out carefully and then laid table knives on it to weight it like she has observed us doing, and snatched up the scissors, ready to begin cutting! Whoops! We had to explain to her that we would have to cut it this time. Maybe some day . . .

Excuse the wrinkles on the jumper, but here is a peek until you can see a photo of it [hopefully ironed properly] on Katya!

And the back!

The cost of this thrifty jumper in actual expense was very low. Charity created it entirely with items on hand, and all of those items had been low cost to begin with. BUT, the jumper making, and the cold pack cover,  was driven by LOTS AND LOTS of love. Real love for Katya.

Katya is still learning what love is all about . . . but based on how cuddly and loving she can act back towards us at times now, I think she is liking it. ;-)

So even though we aren't managing any thing fancy for Valentine's Day today, I think Katya is feeling the love. As she should. Because it's not lacking around here for our little gal!


Anonymous said...

I have a fundraising idea for Katya. Could you please email me at mlee@coupaide.com?


Matthew Lee

Milena said...

Such a lovely lovely jumper! So sweet! I clearly understand why Katya is thrilled about it!

I really hope that you will soon find out the reason for Katya having pain, as well as getting it properly cared for!

jabreman said...

Sending you all love on Valentine's Day and continued prayers for Katya and all of you.

What a gifted seamstress!!!! Beautiful dress!

Hope Anne, thank you for answering my questions about prayer...you and I pray in a very similar fashion!!!

XOXO Jane in Oregon