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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, February 8, 2013

Exciting TImes

Katya has been started already on the new IEP goals at school. How exciting to see her papers coming home with the numbers 10 to 20 written on them! She seems pleased and will point at the various numbers. The school reports that she is doing really well so far with both learning the signs AND with tracing the numbers.

In addition, she is learning simple addition, and they THINK she is starting to catch on a bit to it. We are so excited!

The best news though . . .  Remember when Katya had nearly a  month of horrid, horrid headaches? Tests did not give any answers as to what was going on, and they seemed to finally ease up and go away except for the occasional headache that seems related to bone pain when the weather changes. Well, shortly before all the headaches had started, Katya had been being sooo incredibly happy and pleasant to be around. She was just so smiley and happy! The change in her was great and we were thankful for it. Then, when the headaches started, all that went away and she again became irritable, cranky, and difficult to live with. Even after the headaches eased up, she continued to be irritable, and not nearly so pleasant or happy. Sometimes the happy-girl we had known briefly would shine through, but never at the level pre-headache. After the headaches, we continued to have health problems with her of one sort or another, and her behaviors and emotions continued to be difficult to live with much of the time.

I'm so thankful and happy to tell you that the last few days we feel like we are getting glimpses of our pre-headache Katya back again! I think we are all praying that whatever is happening keeps on happening and can last long-term!

In retrospect, we believe that long before the facial swelling that sent us racing to Children's Hospital ER showed up, Katya had something nasty brewing for weeks and weeks and weeks. No one remembers for sure when it started, but we know that most of the school year we were needing to wipe the corners of her eyes each morning. There would be just a bit of gunk each a.m. Never so much as to get really alarmed about, especially considering all the issues Katya has with allergies etc.

It has **all** completely and totally cleared up since Katya has finally been given a clean bill of health and clearly is feeling well again! I feel really bad that in retrospect she may have been suffering with some type of a low level infection for months before it finally became more obvious. At least whatever it was is gone, Katya is feeling better, and now hopefully she can make lots of progress again in life due to improved health! Hopefully, no more ear infections, hematomas, strange swellings etc. We love having our girlie happy and healthy!

And at least now when she does have headaches evidently tied to when the weather changes, we have figured out that a bag of cold peas usually does the trick to relieve the pain in about 15 minutes! She always thinks it's a bit funny to be given peas to hold on her head, but takes them gratefully as she knows it works! Dr. Carson had encouraged us not to over-depend on Tylenol for the pain she has, so we are thankful to have found a non-drug aid.

Peas and a favorite video to pass the time till the pain relieves.

When she is feeling well, Katya loves this snowy winter weather!

So does her brother, Chad!!!

And when she is tired of the outdoor fun, there is always the cuddling with Mom that is very, very important to Katya. I can spend an hour or more each day holding her on a "normal" day. Bad days, we do more.

Here Charity captured me mult-tasking when someone called.

Thank you for all your prayers for Katya. And all the support you show in various ways, including shopping through our Amazon affiliate link on the right hand side bar. It means a lot to our family, and we appreciate you, our readers very much!


For those looking for the full speech of Dr. Carson's, please check out the link here to the entire speech. Can I just say again how much our entire family loves Dr. Carson, and how great a debt of gratitude we owe to God and him?! I hope and pray that the concerns he shared will be taken seriously by all of America.

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