"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, February 4, 2013


Katya was home (again) today for a snow day. She was home Friday for the same reason, and the school called again tonight to cancel school for tomorrow as well.

I have to tell you, the best thing out of all that is that she is getting so much one-one-one attention that I think her babbling is coming right along nicely. She continues to make the "DaDa" sound when she wants her Daddy. And she has that nice "O", along with some other sounds. It's very pleasant. And very encouraging.

Can you imagine spending the first 8 years of your life not able to speak, and then learning how to do it? She has such a long way to go, but she has come such a VERY long way already! I can only hope that Katya continues and finally fully succeeds!

Why exactly she is learning to speak now when she didn't before, we don't totally know. We have some guesses. But we don't know for sure. Maybe some day Katya can tell us. For now, we will continue to enjoy her lovely babbling sounds.


Christie Minich said...

How PRECIOUS! So excited that she is beginning to use her voice.
It is surreal sometimes to think about what happened to our children before they came home. :(

BTW- do you think Pucksatauney Phil was correct? LOL

Boysmom said...

Receptive language develops first, and she has to start coming up with all the pathways, etc to plan language, so my guess is that she's not getting to the babbling stage of speech.

Boysmom said...

I mean NOW getting to, can't figure out how to change that. This is Jenny BTW.