"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, February 15, 2013

And . . . The Day Was MUCH BETTER!

Thanking God that Katya's day today was much better! She actually had a break from her headaches today and didn't once need a cold pack or Tylenol! She was much more back to her perky self. We are so grateful for the break for her AND us.

A couple of things of note:

#1. Katya enjoyed us reading "Make Way for Ducklings" to her recently This is great, because the suggested age range is 3 to 8 years of age, meaning she enjoyed a book in English that was her age level! She even tried to help quack when appropriate in the story for the ducks!

#2. Katya lined up all her foam bath alphabet letters in the bathtub correctly tonight except for reversing T and S !!! Some of the letters were upside down, or back to front as it were, but they were ALL in order from A to Z except T and S.

We think that is just pretty smashingly cool . . .

#3. We had a flurry of phone calls and emails going on yesterday with Katya's Doctors. We are getting a clearer picture of what can be done for her in the short term, and setting appointments and plans in place for some in-the-future exams and care. Monday we have two different appointments for her--in two different towns, some distance apart. So my day will be full with that. That is the start to my week--there will, pending the results of the one appointment, be more later in the week. Pray for Katya and for us as we navigate the challenges ahead of us.

We have been blessed with snow this week!

Kristina built this snowman on our back porch after one snowfall! We enjoyed it until it warmed so much that it toppled over in a sad heap, and then was covered with a fresh snowfall today.

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