"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, January 21, 2013


With Katya being rarely able to go to school and our once a week 3 hour respite, due to illness and holidays breaks the last 3 months, our family has been wearing pretty thin.

When one family member sadly said to another, "Why don't you ever have a smile on your face any more when you look at me? You only smile at Katya" I knew we badly needed help and support!

Thankfully, some others realized it too, and plans were set in motion to try to provide some relief.

First of all, with approval from Dr. Carson's office, we were able to take Katya to the support group on Saturday. Charity was paired with her to guard her as much as possible, as that was the big concern from Dr. Carson--no bumps of any sort on her head allowed!

Katya seemed happy to get out of the house to do something again.

Even though I cried during the devotions for the Moms about "Faith", it was a quiet cry. Goodness knows I'd done enough of the "ugly crying" the last few weeks to last me a for a long time! So quiet crying equals improvement.

After the support group, we came home and did some badly needed Saturday cleaning. And around 4:00 or so, the Director of the support group showed up. With her came a bag of goodies, and a big plastic doll house and a box of accessories. We had tried to prep Katya for this, and she seemed fine till she realized we were going out the door. Then she burst into tears. We quickly explained to her that we would be back in time to give her a bath and put her to bed. She cheered up and went back to playing. She was happy the whole time we were gone.

As for us, we went for a drive to a nearby town, and went to JoAnn's to look for some fabric Charity was needing for a skirt. Then, we took the money that we were given and told to go eat out with, and we went and did exactly that. It was, frankly put, WONDERFUL.

We ate leisurely, visiting and enjoying visiting with our other kids. I can't tell you how wonderful it was.

The four hours were so entirely short, but it was enough to start to recharge our emotional batteries a little bit. We all came home feeling the better for it.

Katya had a blast while we were gone. She had decorated a large gingerbread cookie with frosting and candies, played with the doll house, listened to books, and then enjoyed her favorite Cedarmont Kids video while munching on popcorn with L. She was happy. We were happy.

The support meant a lot to our family . . . , and I am so grateful for the ministry here in our town that cares so much about special needs people and their families! I'm grateful for how they were the hands and feet of Jesus to us Saturday!

There are some other things in the works now too that were set in motion by caring people on Friday/Saturday. I don't know exactly what all or when . .. But even though we all still feel stretched pretty thin, knowing people are caring and are looking for something to do to help gives us new courage.

Katya has been losing her lovely golden hair.

Unfortunately, that shiny white is a bald spot. It's even larger now, as that photo was taken several days ago.

Dr. Carson's office said that sometimes with scalp swelling they see hair loss. We are hopeful that the loss soon stops, and lovely new hair will grow.

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Laura Elizabeth said...

I know that it's a day to day trial with Katya, even the good days can't be completely care free :) I wish I could physically give help, but I can give my prayers and I will be praying for you all and hoping that as time goes on Katya will continue to improve and even exceed expectations concerning her speech especially.