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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poor Katya Doesn't Get a Break

Poor Miss Katya. She doesn't get a break. I took her back to the family Dr. today for a temp check and since her temp was 99.4 he investigated. Sure enough--now one of her ears is badly infected--the other shows signs of healing from an infection. And when she was in to him just this past Wednesday, she had NO infection in her ears.

I'm guessing that the ear infection may have been why she didn't have a good night on Sunday and kept me up for several hours. Poor kiddo! Usually she seems to communicate to us when she is in pain with her ears, but we couldn't get anything out of her that night, no matter what we asked her. So maybe it just felt horrid but wasn't actual pain? I can hope so. She did at least sleep when I would hold her, and towards 4:00 AM was in a deep enough sleep I could lay her down on the couch to sleep, and she slept till morning, so hopefully it wasn't too bad for her. It's so hard to know something is wrong, but not know WHAT is wrong.

So the decision was made to keep Katya home from school today, and then send her tomorrow if she seems to be feeling better. She had music/respite anyway, and would not have had much time at all in school by the time I would have fed her lunch and gotten her back to school.

She seemed tired and not feeling well at respite, so I am glad I made the decision to keep her home today. Hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow.

Also, after a lot of dialogue back and forth with her Johns Hopkins Surgeons and her family Dr. the decision was made to keep Katya out of recess for her safety, and also from gym except for approved activities that are less dangerous. Poor kiddo is going to be really upset . . . she LOVES her recess and gym and I'm not at all sure she will understand that it's safety issue that is preventing her from going out to play. Please pray for the school and us as we try to figure this out and explain it to her. Her Drs are saying at least for the next couple of weeks, as they have to make very sure she doesn't get another hematoma in addition to the current one.

Since her temp has come down from what it was, her hematoma seems less painful, and she has an ear infection to explain the current low-grade temp, we don't need to presently take our Sweetie back to Johns Hopkins to see Dr. Carson and Dr. Dorafashar right now. I am thankful for that.

In happier news, Katya has been making lots of great "Oh" "Oh" sounds the last few days! She does them in a full voice . . . it's awesome. ;-) I continue to pray she will learn to speak . . .

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