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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Orange Spice Cleaner Recipe

I am having people on my Facebook asking about the "recipe" I have for my cleaner.

I have to say, no real recipe!

But I can tell you what I did! It's so easy!

Start with a clean jar--I used a one qt canning jar. As we ate oranges over a 24 hour period, I just stuffed the peels in there. Layer after layer. Then I added one whole cinnamon stick, and about a Tablespoon of whole cloves. Covered the whole mixture with white vinegar, and capped the jar with a lid and ring.

In about 24 hours, I had to top off the jar as the spices and peels had seemingly absorbed so much of the liquid that the jar was becoming less full than it should have been.

It has not quite been a full week yet, and already the mixture smells wonderful, and like I will soon want to start using it!

A few years ago, there was a lovely formulation that we were given a few times by relatives from a company that did essential oils. Spicey and clean smelling, I used it as a cleaning agent for house hold cleaning, and I would also throw a small splash of it into my load of socks and underwear and it always left every thing smelling so clean and fresh!

I have missed that clean smell, so one of my first thoughts for this liquid after it is properly steeped and then strained is to use it in my wash water. ;-) I also plan to employ it as a household general cleaner.

Currently, we have already started a second quart of it steeping on our kitchen counter!

Now, some of my readers kindly shared comments on my previous post about this, that I thought you might be interested in as well.
Natalia said:  My grandmother used to make something like that cleaning product, but she used lime peels instead. Orange peels were used for sweets. Good memories :)

Tabor said: I mix citrus peels, keep them in the freezer, then salt them for a half hour, then cover with white vinegar. 2 weeks works for super cleaning, a month will knock out the vinegar smell.

I also dilute mine, half vinegar, half distilled water. Works just as well, goes farther and doesn't wreck the spray bottle as fast.


I'm liking the idea of using lime peels when we have limes . . . I even wondered about the lemons?! This could get very fun and interesting color wise . . . .

I may tinker around with my spices, but so far I'm happy with how t he first jar is turning out smell wise. It smells more and more spicey as the days go on.

So if you do this, or something similar, want to do a mutual linky? Link to my post in your post, and leave your post link on this post. I'd love to see what you are doing!

YAY for homemade cheap cleaners!

(PS. Charity showed the jar to Katya yesterday and asked her if she wanted to eat some! She wrapped her arms around her plate and pulled it away from Charity and clearly indicated NO WAY! It was so cute! And again showed what a smart kiddo she is!)

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