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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Letting Out a Deep Sigh . . .

There are sighs that you let you when you are stressed. And then there are those sighs that you left out when a little tension is released and you can take a breath and then relax . . .

Tonight I feel like I got to let out one of those tension releasing sighs.

Katya had *** RESPITE*** today after a long break with no respite due to how sick she was, and then Christmas/New Year's break! Man, we did desperately NEED it. The fact that she was happy and did great during respite, and was actually EAGER to go with me when I showed up--actually taking my hand and pulling me towards the door gently was awesome! (Often she seems agitated by the change in her activity when I show, and while happy to see me, is cranky about the change!) Having her be happy and well-behaved, and yet eager to get going with me was really a change. I truly enjoyed it!

Then, we decided that we would push the day a little further, and loaded up EVERYONE and went out to the library. I can't tell you the last time we had done that as a family! Not since Katya came home, I think. We may have attempted it a time or so, but Katya would always end up having to be rapidly escorted out to the van after aggressively behaving towards other children or pitching a screaming and kicking fit (complete a few times with throwing books!)

This time we got her through looking at a few books, doing a few puzzles, and then put her on the children's computer on an educational program. She LOVED the computer, and was very careful with how she used it--what they are teaching her at school about using a computer is clearly showing. She stayed quiet and happy on the computer until we gave her a 5 minute warning about needing to leave, and made it clear she wasn't happy to have to think about leaving.

When it was time to leave, she cried sadly and when we asked her if she was sad she had to leave, she signed, "yes". We told her again and again what a GOOD girl she had been and how well she had done (well, really, for her, she DID do good even if we had to work wtih her almost constantly till we put her on the computer!) and how we would take her to the library again to spend more time there, another day. She soon was comforted it seemed and ready to watch a DVD till we got home, and then got her bath and went happily to bed.

So . . . tension out . . . it really made me sooo happy that we were able to do something that was close to NORMAL again as a family .  . . hence, letting out a deep sigh of relief.

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Milena said...

Rejoicing with you!!