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Friday, January 4, 2013

Kristina's Heart Felt Plea to Russia

Our daughter, Kristina, was adopted from Russia when she was 5.5 years old. Her agency in the USA had only been given two more weeks to find a family for her when we first heard about her. Had they not found a family, Kristina would have been removed from the adoption registry, declared "Un-Adoptable" and placed into a mental institution for the rest of her life.

Hard to reconcile that information with the bright and vivacious girl you see in our photos and read me blogging about? Right. Exactly.

Here is a photo of a letter that Kristina wrote this week to mail to the Russian Ambassador. Our address (and the date was an unintentional victim!) were whited out for privacy. Otherwise, this is as Kristina wrote it. I hope you can enlarge it enough to read it.

We are very proud of how hard Kristina worked to be a voice on behalf of the orphans "left behind". She takes that seriously, and I hope that her birth country will be proud of the very articulate young lady that she has become! I hope they will not only be proud, but will be moved to consider--"If this is what a child our country condemned to a mental institution can become with the love and support of a family, how could more kids turn out  with the right support and help?!"

Kristina is a credit to her birth country. They should be proud of her. Her adoptive country, the United States of America, is certainly proud of her!!

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Milena said...

You have an incredible daughter. Such a well-written letter. I truly hope it touches the hearts of those who read it!

belehcar said...

I couldn't read it on my computer but would love to. Could you please transcribe?