"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ben Carson, MD and Miss Katya

Katya was very anxious yesterday while waiting for Dr. Dorafshar's PA, to examine her. When Madison came in, she was so gentle and calm with Katya, having me be the one take out her hair band so they could feel better, and  even letting Katya see her hands had nothing in them before she gently touched her "owie", that Katya erupted in giddy relief once she left the room. You can see more about that at Charity's blog post.

Finding that no one had hurt her, Katya was in fine spirits when we took her to eat a hasty lunch before rushing over to the 1:00 PM appointment Dr Dorfashar's office set up with Dr. Carson. after they determined that they did not feel comfortable diagnosing the squishy lump on Katya's head.

Katya choose chicken noodle soup and some salad bar items (plenty of beets--one of her favorite foods!) and when she had polished all that off, we offered her a Edy's Strawberry fruit bar, and she downed that happily too. Then off we went to see Dr. Carson..

There was some snafu when we arrived--somehow the request for a prompt "TODAY" appointment had not gotten into the computer system. I was treated a bit dismissively by the registration clerk--not something I am used to--and she said that she would write a note and send it back to see if one of his assistants could come out to see us. Knowing that Dr Ds office had said Dr. Carson himself was going to see Katya, I decided to be a bit politely aggressive about the matter.

So Paul went back up to the 8th floor to talk to Dr. Dorfashar's office manager and explain the situation to them. They made a fast phone call, and told Paul that Dr. Carson WOULD be seeing Katya.

Sure enough, Paul was hardly back down stairs and we were soon called back to an exam room. Katya entertained herself playing with an education app on the IPad (no she did not want her hair band back in!)

 and hardly even cared when  Dr. Carson came in and with his "gentle-gentle touch" was feeling her head. Granted, that man has the lightest of lightest touch that you can imagine for something like this--I have observed his very light touches on Katya's head before, and often marveled that he could tell ANYTHING by how lightly and little he touches.

After he diagnosed her as having a probable hematoma, that given the fragile state of her skull post-op he said could come from a bump so light and minor that we wouldn't even know she had gotten it, OR from a bit of her surgical hardware wiggling loose and nicking her internally, Dr Carson settled down to get an update on her general development.

Dr. Carson is always so realistic yet very, very positive and full of hope about Katya and her progress that it is always a blessing to speak with him. I would have to say as a Mom that his approach works . . . We nearly always walk out of his office feeling encouraged and strengthened to fight onward for our Katya.

Yesterday we discussed the report from the NueroPysch eval Katya had done. We shared that Dr. A., the NueroPysch, stated that she was truly amazed after testing Katya, and how we had laughed and told her that Dr. Carson said the first time that he had met Katya that he believed she was going to amaze the world someday, and we guessed that had started. Dr Carson chuckled gently and said, "And she isn't done yet!!"

He also asked if she was doing any speech yet, and we shared some of our frustrations with that area. However, when we asked Katya if she could make several different sounds she quickly and promptly made them for Dr Carson. He was delighted and told us that it was clear that her circuits were working--that she could hear what we were asking her to say, process it, and spit out a similar sound. He then smiled and said, "I still think she will talk some day." He promised to pray with us that she will begin to speak. How extremely cool and what a blessing!!

I am thankful that we were led by God to Dr. Carson for Katya's care. So thankful. It sometimes blows my mind that my daughter--considered the lowest of the low almost in her country of birth, is now cared for lovingly by the greatest minds in the medical field.

She is truly, lovingly cared about and cared for by both Dr. Carson and Dr. Dorfashar. We count it a privilege to have learned to know both of them, and are grateful for the great team they make for our sweet little Princess Katya.

Katya was so engrossed in her IPad activity that she hardly noticed Dr. Carson telling her good-bye. . .  He said he is looking forward to seeing her at her one year check-up in March or April. Hopefully, this hematoma resolves on it's own and we have no further adventures requiring a trip to Baltimore before her 1 year check-up.

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Astrin Ymris said...

The "fragile state of Katya's skull" is the thing which scares me the most about her not having a 1:1 aide. What if she starts pinching or hitting some kid who pushes her off hard-- resulting in Katya's hitting her head against something? If a bump so slight resulted in such a sizable hematoma, what would happen if Katya took a forceful whack to the head?

Could you use this fact to get an aide from the school system?