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Thursday, January 24, 2013

And We Plug Onward

I was jolted awake this morning at 5:22 AM when Katya's school called to relay the message that school was cancelled for the day due to semi-icy roads. OK . . . so in spite of our best efforts to get her back into school for a few days, we couldn't!

I'm hopeful that her health AND the weather will be such that she can go to school tomorrow. She has been home from school all week except for a few hours on Wednesday (delayed start by two hours due to the extreme cold our area is having).

Unfortunately, Katya's lovely golden hair continues to fall out over the area where the hematoma is. She has lost so much now that I don't think I can do anything to hide it when combing her hair any more. I'm sad about that. She has so many things stacked against her, one wonders why hair loss has to enter in as well?! I just keep praying that it stops soon . . . every day it's worse.

On the good news side, a dear friend came over today and spent a few hours visiting with me and helping me to deep clean my kitchen cabinets. Deep cleaning far too often takes a back-seat due to the amount of time Katya needs, both emotionally and medically. When my deep cleaning gets piled up on me, I hate it. And lately I've been struggling a lot to keep my head focused and get anything extra done. Having a friend here helped a lot . . . we didn't get near every thing done that I would have liked to do but my friend gave a huge boost and hopefully we can soon finish up the last couple of drawers and cupboards ourselves.

Interestingly enough, I had tried to explain to Katya ahead of time that a lady was coming, that she was Mommy's friend, and that Katya could sign and tell her "Hello". When my friend got her, I introduced Katya to her (she may have been around her a few times but only briefly prior to this) and Katya went right up to her and gave her a hug! Needless to say, I was shocked. I am taking that as a good sign that she understood what I was trying to explain about my friend being someone safe and friendly! Normally, Katya is very alert and nervous about a new person in the house, and can be quite anxious--certainly NOT willing to just walk up and hug them! (And for those concerned about attachment issues . . . right after Katya hugged my friend, she turned around to me and wanted a LONG cuddle, so I no, not worried about attachment . . . it was just her way of trying to acknowledge that she understood the woman was a friend, not a foe, I think.)

 Katya eating breakfast yesterday morning before going to school.

Katya playing Legos today. The living room window sill is almost completely full now of her creations, and no one is to ever so much as breathe on them but her!

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