"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Special Lego Offer

As anyone who has hung around this blog for a short period of time knows, Katya LOVES Legos. What you may not know is that when Katya came home, she didn't know how to play with toys. To her, toys were just objects to juggle in her fingers and stroke her cheeks with to try to get some stimulation. Any little piece of paper or cardboard would work too.

This is a common symptom of "failure to thrive" which comes from a lack of love and positive attention--and in Katya's case, also involved a lack of food and medical care.

We started with very simple toys like you might give a 6 to 9 month old, and taught her how to play with those toys, and then kept moving her onward. First she learned to play with Duplos, and then she moved to Legos and happily stayed there, playing wtih them in ever increasing complex ways.

Since Katya is a Lego fan, I tend to keep my "pulse" on the Lego news. I'm not taking advantage of this current Lego special offer, but I thought I would share it with my readers just in case any of you want to. And no, nothing in it for me. Just wanted to share it just in case it would help any of you!

Katya had a better day at school today overall. We sat down and read both the book
Hands Are Not for Hitting and Feet Are Not for Kicking to her before taking her to school this morning. She was very unhappy that we were reading those books [again!] to her, and we explained that since she had hurt the kids yesterday at school we needed to read them to her. Katya's extremely glum countenance and fussing sounds accompanied the reading of both books and she was quite happy when they were done.

I am prayerfully considering reading them to her them in the AM before going to school if she was aggressive the day before. She clearly is annoyed when we read them, so I think it does have an impact on her, since she is beginning to enjoy us reading other books to her, and it's easy to see the difference when we read "fun" books versus these instructional and conscience pricking books. Since her teacher reported that she did kick a child once today, she will likely get the another re-reading of the "Feet Are Not for Kicking" book tomorrow a.m.

I pray God gives us wisdom in parenting our little gal . . . pray for us if you think of it, OK?!

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Christie Minich said...

Legos are great toys! :)
It is interesting that She doesn't like those books! :)
I pray things go better tomorrow. :)

Piggeldy said...

I agree that she shouldn't be hitting or kicking anyone ever... but is the teacher sure that she wasn't or didn't in some way feel "provoked".
I assume it has to be difficult for her to express what she wants/needs and doesn't want/need to her peers at school and she has no possibility to defend herself with words (or tell a teacher). I have myself been a victim of so much hidden bullying (that obviously no teacher ever noticed and was usually done by the teacher's pet or someone that could look amazingly innocent while being a huge bully) that even though I don't know Katya, I'd ask you to please not dismiss that option.

Love that she enjoys Lego so much. I am now a lot too old to play with it but still very much enjoy "helping" every child I know ;) Waiting to have children to have a good reason again!