"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pray for Katya

The photo above was taken on Sunday before we went to church. Katya woke up with her left eye swollen as you can see. That is the eye that was relocated during surgery, so we were concerned enough to email her plastic surgeon, Dr. Dorafshar, a photo of Katya and a note letting him know we had seen very slight swelling off and on during Thanksgiving break (and just assumed it was probably related to the allergies she deasl with alot), but when she woke up looking so swollen, we felt it was something more and wanted his input.

He was prompt to email us back and let us know he was concerned too, and that she should see her family Dr and possibly have antibiotics, and if she didn't respond to that, then a CT scan. We were fine with that plan, and went off to church.

By the time we got home from church, the swelling was considerably worse, having spread down to her cheek bone, up to her forehead, and around the side towards her ear. She also flinched horribly if even the lightest touch was made to any of the swollen areas and would jerk away and push our hand away.

We emailed Dr. Dorafashar again, and he felt that she needed seen immediately and so did we, so off we went to our closest children's hospital. The triage nurse was concerned, and made sure we didn't wait very long in the waiting area.

Long story VERY short . . . the ER staff was concerned. A CT scan and an ultrasound of the area were done. Dr. Dorafshar ended up calling the ER repeatedly throughout the evening and into the night from ENGLAND  after he got my text alerting him to the desire of the ER staff to speak with him (calling during what was the middle of the night for him there too, God bless him!). The cooperation between Dr. Dorafshar and the ER staff was impressive to see as they brain stormed together on what could possibly be wrong and how to help our sweet Katya.

Katya was an amazing trouper through it all. She cooperated beautifully with everything, and was busy getting the whole staff wrapped around her little finger, as she seems to do without even trying.  Even when they came in to draw blood, and she clearly recognized that they were going to do that and was anxious, she still tried hard to cooperate. The staff they sent in for the draw was fabulous and once they realized she liked to help with her own care, they allowed her to wipe her skin with the alcohol wipes etc and I really feel that did help reduce her anxiety and make her more cooperative.

All Katya's vital signs were fine--but the labs started coming back showing WBC and other markers for infection and inflammation being elevated. So they finally diagnosed Katya with possible "cellulitis" around the eye and a "possible abscess in the early stages", based on what they were seeing on the CT scan and ultrasound.

There was some talk about admitting her to the hospital, but since all her vitals were fine, they decided to let us take Katya home, with a copy of CT scan and ultraound, and then have Dr Carson assume her care in conjunction with our family Dr.

We finally got home right around midnight, got Katya a fast bath and into bed. Yesterday I overnighted the CD of the scans to Dr. C's office via Fed-Ex, and got in touch with our family doc to set up an appointment for a vital signs check today per the ER.

Good thing I did. On Sunday all Katya's vitals were pefect. Today, despite two days of antibiotic use of a broad spectrum antibiotic, Katya's swelling was not markedly better, and in addition, she had a temp of 101.3. Our family Dr. faxed all the results of every thing (labs etc.) from Children's Hospital to Dr. Carson's office and asked for a return call after he evaluated them, and sent me home with Katya with a new prescription for a different type of antibiotics, plus strict orders to keep my cell phone on me at all times, so that he could reach me as soon as he got ahold of Dr. Carson.

Sadly, Dr. Carson was out of the office today due to a personal/family emergency. Our family physician, Dr. J. was finally able to speak with a resident. An appointment for 3:00 pm. has been set up for Dr. Carson and Dr. J. to speak tomorrow. In the meantime, we are to start Katya on Augmentin, which they are hopeful will do better at knocking whatever this is than the other antibiotic was . . .  We are to take her back to the Children's Hospital ER if she detoriates any more this evening/overnight. I am fine with that plan of action, as the Children's staff had already told us that if they suspected anything involving the brain, Katya would be transported to Johns Hopkins Medical Center so that Dr. Carson could assume her care again in person.

Katya has spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out in the recliner watching a Cedarmont Kids DVD of Christmas Carols.

She finally took to just crying and screeching. No matter what  . . . I finally asked her if she has an  "owie". Katya signed "yes".  So I asked her to show me where her owie is. She pointed tenderly to her forehead above her eye . . . She has Motrin on board, and we are asking for prayers.

She will see our family Dr. again in the AM (unless she is in the hospital) for another evaluation so that he has fresh info to relay to Dr. Carson about her condition.

Here's a photo Charity took of Katya just a few minutes ago. Pray for our little gal, would you?? It breaks our hearts to see her suffering yet again.


Stacia said...

I'll be praying for little Miss Katya. She's been through so much already. She has such a loving family looking out fo her!

Christie Minich said...

Poor Katya. We will lift you in prayer.

Julie said...

Many, many prayers. That is heartbreaking.

Leah said...

Oh, poor sweetheart! It sounds like she's getting the best possible care. Fingers crossed the "owie" heals fast and does not return!