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Monday, December 17, 2012

Home Again

We had a good meeting with Dr. Dorafshar, although he wasn't able to figure out **why** Katya is having this swelling. She woke up at the hotel Monday am with the swelling gone again. Fortunately, he had seen photos and had the reports of two different ER Doctors about her swelling, and he was most concerned that we know he believed us totally, even though there was nothing really of the swelling for him to see.

Dr. Dorafashar's initial plan when we showed up Monday AM was to immediately admit Katya and start the process for getting her a MRI with Genera Anethesia. But because she had developed a nasty sounding cough Sunday night, we questioned politely the wisdom of General Anethesia, and his staff contacted him immediately, and he said for them to hold on the admittance until he could meet with us.

After he heard Katya coughing, he said that he didn't want to go ahead with admittance/General Anethesia due to the increased risks to her. Also, because the [pesky] swelling was gone again, he wasn't sure if the MRI would tell him any thing right now. Since the swelling has been playing "Come and Go" since Thanksgiving Break, who knows what is going to happen at this point! I'd like to think that it is gone for good--and indeed, that is what we are all hoping for! But realistically, and given that this is Katya . . . well, who knows!

He did do a very thorough exam of Katya's head, and spent some time talking with us. We have some new news to process from things he told us, and after we have been able to do that, we will share.

So now we are home, and in just a few short hours we need to get up and then run to Cincinnati Children's to meet with the Dr. who did Katya's assessments for the follow-up appointment. Please pray for all of our family as we are continuing to not be able to get enough sleep and are fighting this flu virus . . .

And a very big thank you to everyone who has been praying, helped with child care, feeding our cat, getting our mail, the donation from our local special needs support group for some gas money etc. We really appreciate all the many kindnesses of everyone who pitches in to make this work as we care for Katya and her unique set of challenges!

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Milena said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope for health and sleep, and clarity and peace of mind for you all!