"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good News

Katya's fever seems to have broken yesterday evening. Unfortunately, she woke up around 12:45 AM whimpering and holding her head where the swollen area is. We got Motrin into her, settled her back to sleep on the couch, and since we were not wanting her alone, Charity kindly offered to sleep with the recliner pulled up right tight to the couch so Katya could hold her hand if she needed or wanted to.

It took Katya a long time to go back to sleep, and yes, she kept reaching out to hold Charity's hand. I think it must feel so comforting to her to have that human connection when she doesn't feel well at night, instead of whatever loneliness and abuse she went through before!

We had a very interrupted night between this, Paul getting up early to go get a new thermometer for me, and then he left town at 6:00 AM with Todd, heading to WVA for Todd's seasonal job location. Multiple wakings resulted from all this for both Charity and I. Neither of us feel too perky, although after I got up, I did send Charity up to her bed to sleep till lunch time. Maybe I can catch a nap later today.

The family Dr.'s office called and said Katya's labs yesterday show good improvement for every area except her SED rate. That was the same as Sunday. So between improvement showing in labs, and Katya's fever being gone, everyone is hopeful that even though the swelling appears to be really not significantly better that good things are happening in terms of healing.

Katya has been pretty weepy and irritable much of today, so we are doing a lot of snuggling and rocking again. I'm grateful that does seem to quiet and comfort Katya.

It means that many things I need and want to get done are yet again getting pushed to the back burner but it is just the way it is. In case anyone wonders, it's things like this that keep our house from being pristine and so on.  There's just no fancy way to put it . . . parenting Katya takes a LOT of time and energy. But  . . . it beats the nights I used to sit up for hours staring at her sweet face, crying and praying and wondering **why** God was telling me so clearly that she was meant to be our child, and yet holding the door shut for that. Eventually, clearly, God DID open that door . . . and we are so very grateful to have our little Katusha with us . . . no matter if things are piled up around our heads!

We chip at things here and there . . . trying to get done what we can in 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. We finally got the few fall items down today, and packed back into their tote. Maybe tomorrow we can put out a few winter/Christmas touches ?! Here's hoping so.

In the meantime, the cloth Christmas bags that I got done before all this craziness hit are still for sale. Check them out.

Katya--Day 5--photo by Charity (and Katya still showing remnants of her lunch around her mouth--whoops!)

Thank you for continuing to pray that she will be restored to full health.

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M said...

I think your children will have the same kinds of memories that my children have--memories of being played with, read to and cuddling. Those kind of memories are so much more important than " Our house was always immaculate" memories! I am praying for your family!