"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, December 10, 2012

Birthday Shopping

I have been pondering and trying to figure out a nice second gift for Katya's birthday, which comes right on the heels of Christmas. We know of course that she is getting a Lego set (what else?!) from us.

But I wanted one more gift to give her . . . I keep feeling drawn to something for her to use in her nightly Epsom Salt soaks that one of her Drs. suggested she have each night, as it helps her body get some more magnesium.

She already has upper case foam bath letters (and numbers) which have been a hit with her. So I have been browsing Amazon looking for ideas for Katya.

Here are links to a few items I found that caught my interest:


So . . . which one do you think she might like best?

And do you have any other suggestions?


Jenny P. said...

Has she ever tried Perler Beads ? I know she loves her legos, so she must have some great fine motor skills. I actually thought of her a while back when I was sorting through some of my son's Perler beads. (They're the small plastic beads that you make designs with on a pegboard, then iron them to fuse them together) There are other variations of them too. Just a thought ! :)

Hope Anne said...

We tried the Perler beads a few times earlier with her, and she didn't seem very intersted in them. However, that is a good reminder to bring them back out. As Katya continues to mentally and emotionally awaken, it's always worth trying again to see if she has interset in something she did not previously!

Michelle said...

I LOOOVED those bath crayons when I was little. I also really liked the little capsules that would melt away in the water and leave sponge animals behind.
Like these: http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Growing-Animal-Capsules-cards/dp/B002AGVFSS/ref=pd_sim_t_5
You can find them at the dollar store too, which is great, then no shipping!

Astrin Ymris said...

I was going to suggest the Duplo World People-- until I realized they cost $42.95!

Still, engaging in pretend play is usually helpful for kids' language development. And getting the chance to "play out" her traumas might be helpful psychologically. You might try buying some unfinished wooden peg people, and let Katya (or Christina or Charity) paint them and use them to play out scenarios with her Lego sculptures.