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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And Her Middle Name is Rose

The school last year taught Katya to write her first name. This year, they have been working with her to write her last name. She's not always very accurate in her spelling, but she gets at least a close approximation a lot of the time.

In the last two weeks, Kristina, with support and help from the rest of us, has been working on teaching Katya to write her middle name, Rose.

Today, Katya brought home a paper from school.

For the first time ever on a school paper we saw, in Katya's handwriting, "Rosee".  ;-)

Well, it's CLOSE--and how exciting to know that she took what we were teaching her here at home, took it to school and used it! ;-)


Katya also went for a follow-up to her family Dr. today. He was happy that she didn't have a fever, and that the swelling is about all gone. But the ear that became infected *after*she was seen in the ER and started on antibiotics on the opposite side of her head from the swelling is still red and bulging in spite of being on antibiotics for over a week total. He prescribed an additional 5 days for her, on top of the several remaining she has on the current prescription, and will see her for another check up towards the end of that. Normally, I am not a fan of antibiotics for ear infections, but given how strange this whole case has been, I'm fine with "finishing what we started" so to speak . . .

Unfortunately, Katya pulled out a lot of aggressive behaviors at school again today during their indoor recess. I did talk with her Dr. about it and about the school's desire to have her medicated. He said one word--"NO."

He then went on to say that at this point in Katya's life and medical history he would only consider meds as a last resort if her behavior was so aggressive as to put her in need of institutionalization if she wasn't medicated. We aren't any where close to that, since she is almost never physically aggressive any more with Chad at home. She clearly is making forward progress (even if slow), and controls herself even when she is angry or upset most of the time. She has only hurt him 2 or 3 times since she got back home from her surgery in April of this year. Katya is still jealous of Chad getting any of my attention, and still clearly feels threatened much of the time by him. At the same time, we are seeing her face be more frequently interested and loving when she looks at him, and she will even sit and share a chair with him sometimes to watch a video together. Sometimes she seems to even want his attention. So I don't think we are any where close to the "line" Katya's Dr is describing.

We do know that the school is (finally) working on a behavior plan (which they were told around a year ago already that they needed to have in place), so I'm hopeful that once that is set in place, we will eventually see a reduction in those aggressive behaviors. I am also pondering a "home plan" keyed to how things go at school . . . I am thinking and praying about that one, and will also take suggestions if you have experience with some thing like that?

And hey--while I was typing this up, Miss Katya went and got a clean sheet of paper. And this is what she wrote--"I see Rosee".

My little gal . . . oh my little gal . . .


Needless to say, we are all about BURSTING WITH PRIDE around here.

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Milena said...

I find it interesting that she chose to write Rose instead of Katya. Does she identify herself strongly with the name Katya? Or is there a possibility that she associates her name with past fears and likes the thught that she has one more name?

Anyhow, I understand you are so proud of her learning to write! If she does, I guess she might eventually be able to share her thoughts with you even though she may struggle with making sounds and spoken language - or maybe I'm totally wrong. It was just a hopeful thought :-)