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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Affiliate Information

I had someone contact me to ask about the Amazon Affiliate link on the right hand side of our blog here. I have had other questions previously, so I thought perhaps it would be prudent to explain a little more about Amazon Affiliate links. I remember when I too would see them on people's sites and not really know for sure what all was involved.

First of all, Katya's expenses have been huge. We pay for our insurance ourselves, and her many needs have driven up our insurance premiums to sky-high levels. In addition, there are many things that our insurance doesn't pay a penny towards--such as basic dental and vision exams/needs. My husband works very hard, but there is just not that much work to keep up with the types of expenses we are having. We live very frugally, and do without a lot in order to make this work, but we quickly began to realize that we needed a second income stream. At this point, it does not seem like it would be wise for me to even attmpt to go back to work, and Katya's many medical needs would make that very hard any way.

So when we reached out to some friends and sought counsel, they encouraged us to do two things: First, to put up some Affiliate Links, and Second, to put up donation buttons. I have also begun selling books as I can in an Amazon store. All those things combine together to help.

So, if you want to do your regular shopping or special event shopping on Amazon, please do feel free to click on the Amazon Affiliate link or widget on the right hand side. That will take you into Amazon's site, and you can feel free to browse and shop to your heart's content. As long as you do NOT click out of Amazon's site after clicking in through Katya's link, any thing you might decide to purchase gets posted to her account. There is a small percentage on *most* purchased items that comes to us to help with her expenses. The price does NOT go up for you, and we do NOT know who purchased an item or where it is going. Your privacy is secure, and your pocket book is NOT affected by clicking on Katya's affiliate link. But it does help Katya! The way I look at it, it's a win-win situation.

I also recently was approved to be a Barnes and Noble affiliate. They handle that differently, and we are not allowed to post a widget or button on the side bar. However, you may remember that I did a post recently about some books we got for Katya from Barnes and Noble that were helpful to her. That post contained links to the books that were our affiliate link to Barnes and Noble. The same "click through" affiliate credit applies to many items that can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, and again, the funds will go to help Katya.

Please know that we realize you have many options as our blog readers, and we never, ever take any thing for granted--not any of the donations, not any of the purchases, whether through the affiliate links or my Amazon book-store. We strive to make wise decisions about stretching the money God has allowed us to have--whether through my husband's work or the income or donations that come about through this blog..

And as always, we welcome comments and questions from our blog readers! Your support has meant much to us through the last couple of years, and we don't take any of that for granted either, I hope!

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