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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Solid Way to Help Russian Orphans

Some readers may know that in addition to the trip to Katya's orphanage in 2009, Paul, Todd and I made a trip to Yoshkar Ola, Russia, in May of 2010 to visit some missionaries there who work with orphans.

We took donations of craft supplies and other things that the missionaries, Maude and Valera,  made sure were distributed appropriately at several places where they had access. Because Valera is a native Russian, they have been able to establish working relationships in various places. One of the things that our trip showed was that there was a great need for glasses for orphans at the school for the blind where they also go. Kids were suffering from low vision that could be improved with glasses, simply because the orphanage system did not pay for glasses for them.

With the help of many kind people, money was raised to provide glasses for the kids who urgently needed them. Because Maude and Valera were able to take the kids themselves to get the glasses, we had confidence that every penny went for what it was intended for--glasses for extremely needy children. You can see photos of the happy children who received glasses, and find out more information at the "Little Loaves and Fishes" facebook page . We invite you to join and follow along there as updates are posted from time to time. You can also check out the (mostly dead) webpage for Little Loaves and Fishes that a young friend of ours does for us. Maybe some day in the near future, it will become more active again . . . we are praying . . . .

Now Maude and Valera are trying to raise funds to be able to provide some simple gifts for the orphans at one of the orphanages we visited when we were there. We met some of the kids they show photos of, and got to see the hand craft area, including the wooden loom pictured in their photos. The pride that the orphanage staff took in teaching these children was clear to us.

We would LOVE to see our blog readers have a chance to help support this worthy effort! Would you be willing to take a few minutes of your time to pop on over to Maude and Valera's blog and read about it, and then choose something to purchase? Or if you don't want to purchase, make a donation. I can assure you that the funds will be spent properly, and that the kids will benefit. And that's something that sadly, you can't always be sure of when it comes to donations to orphanages. . . .

You can also share Maude and Valera's blog on your blog, Facebook or other social media. Sign up for their updates, and pray for their work.

It has been our pleasure to not only visit Maude and Valera in Russia, but also to have them visit in our home and speak in our church in 2011, I believe it was. We are greatly looking forward to them coming again next month to visit with our family and speak to our church again.

Please seriously consider joining us in supporting their work with orphans in Yoshkar Ola, Russia.

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