"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Support Group Fun--Thanksgiving Day Theme

Saturday we scurried around and trotted off to the special needs support group. Katya was happy to go--she understands when we tell her we are going to the party for her and her friends. Charity's violin lesson was cancelled that day, and so she was able to go as well. She was pressed into service as a buddy to a girl who communicates via ASL as none of the regular interpreters were able to show up. While Charity isn't fluent, she at least knew enough basics that the young lady at least could communicate some basics.

Katya was paired with someone who had helped her back during VBS in the summer. Katya liked T., and T. liked her and so it was a perfect pairing. Katya actually ran to T. and hugged her when she first saw her yesterday.

Next order of the day was the rice box. Katya dearly loves this activity.

And then on to another good thing--LEGOS of course! Katya is a big fan of Legos by now!

Meanwhile, the older children were given a chance to help fill shoe boxes for needy children for Christmas. Kristina opted to do that and highly enjoyed picking out items to put in boxes.
When she was finished with that project, she played with a doll house for awhile while keeping a slight eye on Chad. (She is paired up as his "buddy" but he needs very little supervision and help, leaving Kristina fairly free each time to enjoy herself!)

Katya meanwhile had finished up her Lego Creations.
And since the program next called for Singing/Bible Story Skit time, Katya was popped into an angel costume and put up front with her helper to participate. Initially, she wasn't sure about her new role
but it grew on her!

I'm told she made a sweet angel, and raised her hands high to praise and thanksgiving when it was her time to perform!
Chad represented a king. "I am the King! Worship God!" was what he said. He said it so deeply and seriously, that everyone broke out into a happy chuckle!

Chad thought they were laughing at him (meanly) and frowned and signed "NO! NO!" in ASL at the crowd. (We helped him understand afterwards that they had LIKED how deep and serious his voice was, and that the laughter was happy laughter, not mean laughter . . . he was OK with it then.)

Afterwards, Katya enjoyed running and dancing with praise and worship music.

So did Chad and Kristina.
Craft time!!
"Yes, I take my crafting seriously!"
After snack time there was still time for playing with Play-Do before the adults were done with their talking, Bible time, snack and craft. (Typically, it's the females in the family who come, but yesterday one of the men did too, so that added a fun dimension to the discussion time!)
 All in all, another great time was had! I'm so very thankful and grateful that this local church felt the call to start a support group for familys with special needs kids. It plays a very important role in our family's life.
(All photos by Charity from http://waresbycherry.wordpress.com/   )


Hevel Cohen said...

Looks like all the young ones had a lot of fun. How about Charity and you?

Hope Anne said...

Charity was busy being a "buddy" plus taking photos, but it sounded like she enjoyed herself, and yes, I did as well, Hevel. ;-) Thanks for asking!