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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Re-useable Cloth Christmas Gift Bags

Trying to do something to help bump the funds for Katya's dental care up faster. Dug in my stash and pulled out Christmas fabric, and ribbon. I sewed up 5 bags today inbetween other things. I hope to sew more as fast as I can.

I'm putting up the first two sets that are done for sale.

Set 1. Both bags are from new fabric and ribbon from our non-smoking home.

Set 2. Both bags are from new fabric and ribbon from our non-smoking home.

The large bags are approximately 10.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches long.

The smaller bags are approximately 7 inches wide and 15 inches long.

These bags can be used over and over again for gifts, making them extremely environmentally friendly as well as economical.

If they need washed, a quick hand wash and line dry is fine. I suspect that they would be fine in the washing machine on gentle as well--the fabric would certainly be. I'm just not entirely sure how well the ribbon would hold up long term if machine washed frequently.

Asking $7.50 plus $3.00 shipping/handling to the lower 48 states. Shipping else where is more and please contact me for information.

I accept payment via PayPal at phdfam@gmail.com  When ordering, please specify what set you want.

Thank you!

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