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Monday, November 12, 2012

Progress in Several Areas

Today when we were making home-made chicken noodle soup with the leftovers of a whole chicken we roasted the other day, Charity asked Katya who was hanging around the kitchen to "Please get me the pot with the holes." Now, we had not talked about the pasta insert in that manner to Katya before, so we weren't at all really expecting her to be able to bring us what we wanted. But, we still like to throw new things out to her from time to time, just to see what she can do. Katya went right over to the cupboard, stared in it for a bit, then pulled out the pasta insert and brought it right over to Charity!

When we were ready to add minced garlic to the gently bubbling fragrant pot of soup, Charity said, "Katya, please put in two spoons of garlic." And Katya carefully did EXACTLY that!

So those were our exciting bits from today when Katya was home with us (Veteran's Day meant she had the day off from school).

Katya also had a successful time in her music class today. I will share what her teacher wrote up about the lesson today.

Hi Hope Anne, Had a great day with Katya. : ) First of all she is getting much more comfortable with the rabbit - goes over on her own to look at it, cautiously, but does have interest. She pet it several times today.
My task for her today was to place quarters on the set of two black keys to be able to identify where they were. This she did 95% by herself. She loved it because it was tactile and a project she could do by herself. It was a little frustrating, though because they weren't quite wide enough to stay well. From there she could identify the two black keys and without asking started hopping from one set to the other, like I have had her do before. The next task was to draw on the letter C's , which see loves and does so quite carefully. She played each of those as well.

Today's new work was to identify the five tone scale by letter so we drew the letters first on her notepad. I took her hand to write the top line and she copied each below it with surprising neatness and accuracy, even adding the lowercase ones by herself. We applied this to the keyboard where she drew a few sets by herself with no help from me, getting the order right.

The next celebration was on the harp. I placed Twinkle Twinkle music under the strings for her to play and showed her how to do it and took her hand to do the first round. From there she tried herself and on the second try was Very meticulous and careful with full attention and played the entire song hitting about 80% of the notes. B. and I cheered and praised her : ) It was so fun, she got up excited, walking about smiled, then came back and plopped in my lap. From there we started a bouncy game which she just loved.
So it all went well. She was very pleasant this time with no discipline problems. Her attention span has also greatly increased.

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Milena said...

Such happy news! Katya might follow in big sister Charity's musical footsteps!