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Monday, November 19, 2012

Forward Progress Musically

And another great report from music class today . . .

Hi Hope Anne, Great news : ) Miss Katya walked right up to the piano, studied it and picked out a C without being told, she then went on to find and and label them all by herself, with just slight guidance on the last one. From there she played each one and then played all the groups of two black keys up the piano. This was all without my bidding, she just knew what we had done in the past. It was so fun to see her study the keyboard and figure it out, adjusting her finger when she knew it wasn't quite right, no prompts, no stickers etc. She knows the keyboard layout now and can find a C
I helped her then label the next notes, D, E, F, and G, just getting her started and she finished with the right notes. Then, on her own again, she played each note up and down which is our song, "Climbing up the hill, going right back down" This very deliberately and in the right time. Anna cane in to see what she did and was very excited also, praising her. She said, "Give me a high 5! " which Katya did happily : ).

She did well on the harp as well, just enjoying playing up and down slowly each string, making a pleasant sound. I would think this would be a pleasant past time for her at home. She then put the music in for Twinkle Twinkle and played about 1.2 of it very well before she lost interest.

I did want her to finish and expected it of her and she grumped and walked away, but I did bring her back as I had given her a command. That was the only resistance today other than slightly trying to pinch the rabbit we had that I was holding for her. She pet it very sweetly for a good while and then for some reason wanted to pinch, but I corrected her. She is much more at home with the rabbit than the first time.

So a very good day. Her understanding now opens they way for me to begin teaching her some songs.
It is so fun and encouraging to see the steady progress Katya is making in this area! Praise God for a teacher who is committed to working with Katya! We are blessed. 

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