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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are You Aware?

Are you aware of the desperate reality of life for orphans around the world? And what are you doing to make a difference? If you are a long-time reader, you are probably aware on some level, and likely are doing something about it. If you are fairly new to Katya's blog, you may not really "get" how desperate life is for so many orphans, nor how urgent it is that something be done by EVERYONE.

 As we shared today at the church who helped us rescue Katya, one sweet young Mama told me with tears in her eyes that she wants to help save the life of some child. She was at a point in her life where she didn't see how she could do that, but she felt the pull and tug. I was happy to share with her some basic things to consider--some ways she could help NOW without even being in a position to adopt herself. Maybe some day God will open the door for that for her and her family. . . I hope so. But until then, they CAN make a difference in the life of an orphan in so many OTHER ways. YOU can make a difference in the life of an orphan too!

  First of all, there is always prayer. Fervent, effectual prayer. Pick a country, pick a child, and/or pick a family adopting, and PRAY specifically each day for your chosen prayer target. Pray fervently and faithfully.

Then there are always families who are fundraising for adoption expenses. You can find someone and help them, whether in person or monetarily or both. I know one family here in town who was adopting, and when we went to help with their fundraiser set-up, our family and one or two relatives of theirs were all who showed up to help with the set up. And since it was to be a HUGE yard sale the next day, we were seriously, seriously short-handed. Where were the others who had a burden for adoption?

Don't forget about hosting! If you don't know much about it, research it! You can positively impact the life of a child for a number of weeks in your home, without the expense and long-term commitment of adoption. This may be the only chance this child ever has to see a normal family unit in action, and can have a powerful impact on their life in so many ways.

There are short-term mission trips to orphanages that you can help sponsor or help with by going along! One organization that does trips is The Boaz Project. We have worked with them and supported them for a number of years and really appreciate every thing we know of them.

This video makes me cry every time I see it, as my heart breaks again. Watch it. And then pray and with a open heart ask God what HE wants your response to be.


 Thank you to all who prayed about our trip to visit the supporting church. They were warm and welcoming and while Katya had some anxiety on the way up there, she did calm down after we prayed with her and did overall great with everything. The food served after the service helped too! ;-) Life is always better for Katya when food is involved!


Milena said...

I too want to do something! Thinking about all the orphaned children hurts so badly :-(
But it actually felt reassuring reading your list and realizing that I actually already do some of those things :-) (praying, donating when I can, hosting) There is always more to do and I guess no one can ever do enough, but I helped my hurting heart a little.
I'm happy to hear that your visit to the kindhearted church was pleasant. You may have touched many more hearts than you noticed when there, even of some people who weren't present themselves but who might hear about it from others!

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