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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Trip to the Doctor

Today we set off on a jaunt to one of Katya's Doctor's. This Dr. has a special interest in nutrition as part of  healing, and has been very helpful to various members of our family because of that over the years.

We had a long list of questions we wanted to ask Dr. S. Katya was started on a daily dose of fish oil post-op once she had healed enough, per our family doctor's suggestion, and with Dr. Carson's approval. We feel we have seen benefit from it, and want to keep Katya on it, but we wanted to discuss the doseage with someone who is very knowledgeable about such things. We also wanted to ask Dr. S. about GINKO. Quite a few people have suggested that to us as a possible thing to try with Katya. But when I would research it, I just always had enough questions and checks in my spirit that I never felt clear to go ahead with starting Miss Katya on it.

Well, Dr. S. approved the fish oil doseage and actually suggested we increase it a bit. As to the Ginko?? That was a big, fat "NO WAY." She said that it is still too close to Katya's surgery to even think seriously about it--that there is some suspicion that Ginko can cause brain bleeds in cases like Katya's. The fish oil was fine, but no Ginko.

We are glad we listened to our God-given intuition and waited till we could get Katya seen and discuss this with a Dr! While we love using good food and good supplements for health and healing, we are always mindful that we need to be wise and careful, do our research, and get good input from professonals who have made a special study of these things.

Dr. S. suggested we increase Katya's Vitamin D. intake due to how extremely deficient she was found to be post-discharge at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Vitamin D. deficiency has been linked to all types of problems, and since Katya's allergies continue to be a major issue requiring daily attention year round, Dr. S. wants to continue to keep an eye on her levels. As a result, we have a script for lab work to check that plus some other things such as her iron levels etc.

We were given some other helpful suggestions and info, and will follow up again in April. The only other real "new" piece of info is that she diagnosed Katya with Torticollis. You can read more about it at the link here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torticollis

This did not surprise me, as I have noticed she tends to hang her head fairly consistently to one side. You will note that in many of her photos. In Katya's case, she could have a number of reasons as possibilties of why she developed it. Her "birth trauma" (whatever that all entailed, no one could seem to tell us, but it's part of her Dx pre-adoption) or the issues with her eyes being off alignment prior to surgery etc.

At this point, the suggestion was for us to do daily gentle massage with a soothing ointment such as arnica gel or something similar on her neck to try to loosen up the super tight muscles. I imagine we will eventually have to do more follow up on the problem, but there are other issues that take a higher priority at the moment. It seems we constantly have to triage Katya's needs in order to make sure we don't get overwhelmed.

Overall, Katya got a clean bill of health, and Dr. S. was so happy to see how much improved she was since she had last seen Katya about a year ago. We got home in time to get Katya back into school for about 2 hours before school was dismissed.

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