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Friday, November 30, 2012

2 Days of Testing

Yesterday AM we loaded up early and headed out of town with Katya for two days of testing with the Nuerophsycologist, Dr. Abby.

No, I don't have photos. Sorry. I confess to being bad about remembering such minor things as a camera . . . and even when reminded that I could use my phone . . . I forgot. I really was so engrossed in observing the testing process that I truly forgot to get a photo of Katya with Dr. Abby even though I had really WANTED to get a photo!

I will try to blog more another day about the testing more in depth. For now, we are home, safe and sound, and still very, very happy with the Dr. God provided for Katya, and grateful that He has sent us to someone who is ALMOST as fascinated and charmed by Katya as we are. Dr. Abby sees the miracle that Katya is, and is so excited to be working with her. Her common-sense and compassionate approach makes me very comfortable with her, and even after two days of spending hours together in a small room with Dr. Abby, I'm still very happy with her! That ought to count for something, right?!

Even better?? She has given us some very positive preliminary feed-back from Katya's testing that is far more in line with our own observations and gut-feelings than what the school's testing was. We expected that could easily happen, but of course, you never know. While we remain very optimistic about Katya's cognitive level, we have also tried hard to remain clear-eyed and realistic and open to the possiblity that all was not as it seems. We especially tried hard to do so after the dismal report from the school's testing.

But if I had to guess whose testing is the most accurate?? I'll guess that Dr. Abby's is. She spent far more time taking a history of Katya, she spent far more time really listening to us, and LOTS more time observing Katya than the school assessor did. She also had an ASL interpreter involved today (and was positively impressed with how much better Katya tested on her alphabet and number recognition when the ASL interpreter was there catching her signs.)

All in all, I'm glad we pursued this, and am eargerly waiting to see what suggestions Dr. Abby will have for us and the school after she reviews all the results. We will be going back to Cinncy to meet up with her in a few weeks and go over every thing together.

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