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Friday, October 5, 2012

What the Support Group Means to Our Family

This is the video Charity took of the speech I gave on Sunday. I was asked to speak on what the local special needs support group means to our family for Disability Awareness Sunday. I was to keep the speech under 5 minutes. I felt that the time constraint had me nervous enough that I did less than my best, so I feel a bit shy about sharing this, but enough interest was expressed that I decided to swallow my shyness and go ahead and do so. This barely scratches the surface of what all the support group has meant to our family!

The little speech was officially videotaped and will be shown at the Joni and Friends Conference in North Carolina this weekend. I'm not sure whether it was shown already today, or will be shown tomorrow. One or the other. Having grown up reading Joni's books and being a long-time admirer of her strength and determination, I am honored that I have a wee part in a conference of hers! Who would have ever dreamed?!

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Ms. Sarah said...

You shouldn't be shy about this at all. You did a fantastic job.