"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School Program

Katya had a school program this week!

The school was so excited beforehand and kept asking us to make sure we would have someone there to see how great she did in the program. Since we didn't have any grandparents to go, Katya's respite care provider went, and Charity went. Charity got a lot of video feed.

Please enjoy this clip!

Isn't that the funniest thing?! I love the poison ivy song!

I hope to upload more video as I have time. Maybe we will be able to share some more with you.

Oh--the jumper Katya is wearing?? Check out Charity's blog for more info about it. ;-)


r. said...

Katya looked like she was having a great time during that poison ivy song!

jabreman said...

What a gift to watch Katya! She is wonderful! XOXO...Jane

Anonymous said...

I just giggled like a crazy person and clapped my hands like a seal watching tbe video. That made me so happy.

Sylvia MiaSara Truewell said...

Oh, she's having a blast! So adorable! She's even prettier in "real life."

I love her jumper. Charity, you did a beautiful job! I love the owl fabric.

I noticed she's rocking a lot in the second video in particular. Was she nervous? Or is that more of an unconscious habit? I know that's a common self-soothing behavior.

I'm so sorry to hear she's having nightmares. Poor little sweetheart. I'm sure she's positively haunted by her past traumatic experiences; thank goodness she has nothing but love and wonderful-ness to look forward to in her future!
I think sleeping beside Charity could definitely help get her through the rough patch. Though I'd be careful to ensure it doesn't become a permanent change. Sleeping arrangements can be difficult to turn back! Once she gets through her rough patch, it could help to make her more comfy in her own room by having Charity sleep in there for a bit.
S. Truewell

Hope Anne said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Re: the rocking--Katya rocks as a self-soothing/calming behavior. You will notice though that when she is able to be more engaged in a song, due to it's actions/motions, she calms the rocking. So when the kids are singing and she can't really participate, she rocks harder. I imagine she is conscious of being unable to participate, as well as more bored at those times. She did amazingly well and we are so proud of her! ;-)

As to the sleeping, fortunately all three girls share a room, so it's a matter of just moving Katya over a few feet closer to Charity. No room changes or upheavals. We did end up using the trundle bed part of the night after she started in with the nightmares again last night, and it did seem marginally helpful.