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Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Friends

The last few weeks as I pulled into the school line-up for student pick-up, I often ended up behind a vehicle with out of state plates, and a sticker on the back of the vehicle that sure looked to me like the shape of Ukraine, with the colors yellow and blue in the same shade as the Ukraine flag! After a week or two, the plates changed to be our area's plates, and my curiosity continued to grow.

As nearly as I could tell with the little glimpses of the man who was always driving, he appeared to easily fit the "Ukraine look". The clincher finally came yesterday when the teacher who was radioing in to the school for the students radioed "Katya" for that car before radioing "Katya" for our car! I asked her, "Is there another student from Ukraine attending this school?!"

She told me that they had only recently moved into the area from another state, that the girl was named Katya and in 3rd grade, and spoke English, but the parent spoke English with a heavy accent. I asked her if she thought we could be put in touch, and she thought maybe she could say something when they had parent teacher conferences in the future.

Well, our excitement was running pretty high, and today when the man again pulled into the school parking lot right ahead of me, I was able to maneuver our vehicle so that I was beside him instead of behind him. Since there are two lines for pick-up, this worked  . . .

I decided to gird up my courage, roll my window down and risk making a bit of a fool of myself as I called out "Hello" and waved at him. He rolled his passenger window down and said "Hello" in such nicely accented English that I felt inspired to ask a few more questions. Well, we quickly exchanged some very basic info and when I asked him if his family would like to join ours sometime to eat borscht, his whole face lit up from ear to ear, and he said with great enthusiasm, "Eat borscht and perogies in America!" So I think that was a yes! ;-) We had to move on as the lines pulled ahead, and we were not able to keep talking as the distance widened between the two lanes of vehicles.

But I plan to try to figure out a way tomorrow to get our contact info to them, and then hopefully they will contact us . . .  I am so excited at this chance to make new friends from Katya's birth country! We love the friends we have from Kristina's birth country, Russia, so our whole family is very much looking forward to this opportunity. I hope it works out and ends up being a joy-filled experience for both families. ;-)


MarniL said...

That's wonderful!! You'll have to blog about your Ukrainian dinner par-tay

Hevel Cohen said...

That's awesome! Small world!