"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Answers to Questions

Leah asks:

What are your hopes for Katya's future?

We reply:

Our hopes for Katya's future are many. A very major one would be that hopefully she will learn to speak. If not, then hopefully she will learn to communicate well in some other manner. While ASL has been very, very helpful for her and us, it's slow going, especially wtih out her being allowed to have formal teaching and support for that at school Her teachers are supportive as much as they can be, and in fact, some of the children are learning some basic ASL signs too this year (YAY KIDS! Love your hearts!) but it's just not enough. We also have all the usual hopes parents have for their children probably . . . yet trying to remain open-minded and tempered by reality. However, each week Katya shows us new progress she has made in so many areas that we choose to remain full of hope for her future.

What are your fears?

Katya's situation is so unique that we have been told repeatedly that no one really has a clue what to expect for her future. So it would be easy to become fear-filled. We try to choose to trust God and not allow fears to rule us. However, I have to admit that we do worry about her future sometimes. Will there be a good systme of support for her as an adult should she not prove capable of supporting and caring for herself? Will she struggle with mental health issues as she goes into puberty/adult hood if she still can't communicate on a deepr and better level than she does now? Those are some of the types of questions we wonder.. And then a much more "current" issue--will her skull bones finish fusing? They have not fused in the time-frame that it was expected that they would, and we have been warned that surgery to correct that could possibly be in her future if they do NOT fuse  . . . none of us like to think about more surgery for Katya.

What skill would you most like to see Katya develop?

That's easy! Speech! ;-) After that . . . hmm. Probably the ability to understand how to wash and rinse dishes correctly so she isn't always sneaking dirty dishes into the cupboard, and putting clean dishes back into the sink?! Honestly, she is talented with so many house hold chores but the concept of how dishes should be properly done still seems to elude Miss Katya. In time . . .

I see from the video you posted that you wear a head covering. Is that to do with your religious beliefs?

Yes, I wear a heacovering in obedience to the verses in 1 Corinthians 11. Our two older daughters have both chosen to cover their heads as well.

What are your honest thoughts on Reece's Rainbow?

My honest thoughts are that it's a great concept  they have, and I think they started out well. Based on our experiences while adopting Katya, especially in country with their chosen facilitators, and the many other's experiences that have been shared with us, we can not recommend Reece's Rainbow with any enthusiasm. I wish honestly that I could. Maybe some day again . . .

(Yup, I know these are some tough ones! :P )

PS -- Love the blog! Katya is an incredible little girl, with an incredible mother.

Not too hard. ;-) And thank you for your very kind words. I totally agree about Katya being an incredible little girl! Not sure I'm incredible, but thank you kindly anyway for being so sweet! ;-)


Leah said...

You answered my questions! I feel like a celebrity! :D

I know that you've probably researched every option for Katya's speech, but have you read the blog Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords (www.schuylersmonsterblog.com)? Rob's daughter Schuyler can't produce intelligible speech due to a brain disorder. He's blogged extensively about the electronic aides they've found helpful for her. Perhaps one of them could help Katya? (I hope this isn't overstepping -- again, I know you've probably researched every option. Just a thought!)

Hope Anne said...

Leah, the scenario or names sound vaguely familiar, but I'm not familiar with it at all really so I am going to go check it out! Thank you for steering me that way, very much!! I love helpful blog readers. ;-)