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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gaining in Health

Having come home to us starved, with no body fat whatsoever--skin over bone--getting weight on Katya has been a challenge. Last year, every time she seemed to be finally gaining some weight, she would get sick and it would start to shed back off. Strep throat, pnuemonia, and several ear infections all contributed. We had to painstakingly work to get weight each time she would lose a chunk. After her surgery, when so many things went wrong and she was unable to eat for so long, Katya became very emaciated again--not quite as bad as she was when she came home, but uncomfortablly close.

When she gained back the weight she had lost and became once again her pre-op weight, we were so excited! Now, it's clear she has passed that and is actually starting (for the first time since she was with us!) to put weight on in places she had not been able to gain weight previously. Her back, for instance, is no longer skin over bone. Needless to say, I'm starting to notice a REAL difference in weight while holding Katya. It's harder due to how much heavier she is getting, and yet more comfortable in some ways due to Katya being less painfully bony. We rejoice as we see our little girl gaining in strength, weight, and health!

(All photos taken by Charity, the night Kristina was baptized).
When Katya came home, she wore size 3T clothing, and it sagged and bagged on her. Now, a little over a year later, she is wearing size 7 tops, and size 6 skirts/pants, and soon ready to move into size 7's in those. When she came home, she wore a size 11 or 12 (depending on the brand) shoe. Now she wears size 1's. But the biggest difference probably is in her hat size. See the one she has on in the photos? That's an ADULT sized hat. The kids hats she had just don't fit on her expanded head any more!
News from school today! Katya worked really hard with her speech teacher, and successfully made good "D" sounds, using her voice! ;-) Not a whisper, folks, HER VOICE. Please keep on praying about speech for Katya! While we will accept Katya and love her no matter what, we want speech FOR HER as it will make her life so much easier. And the Supervisor for the Occupational Therapists had come to school today to check up on the kid's progress. Katya's teacher told us that she was very favorably impressed with how Katya's coloring has improved from this time last year. Yes, we see a huge difference too, so it was nice that they noticed it as well. ;-)

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Milena said...

Happily smiling here, reading such positive news about Katya! Thank you for sharing with us!