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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Answering Some Questions

Claire asked:

What is Katya's favourite song?

We reply:

We honestly can't tell you, because we aren't sure. Katya seems to enjoy many genres, ranging from classical to children's fun and simple songs! I honestly don't know of any music that we have played for her that I could say she definitely does not enjoy. We do notice that she seems to have a preference perhaps for Jim Brickman's lovely piano music, as well as Libera. We think that as she often will choose those options when given a choice of music. Charity has offered other options to her at times, and sometimes she will accept them, and sometimes  she will reject, but she NEVER rejects Jim Brickman or Libera. Since I love Jim Brickman's music, that makes me happy. And since Charity loves Libera, that makes her happy! So it's all good!

We also know that Katya LOVES Cedarmont Kids (available through Amazon as well as other places) as she will choose those DVD's again and again when she has a quiet time on Sunday to rest and watch a DVD. (She does not nap, but since her headaches began, she does seem to need to rest more than she used to.)

We play a lot of Praise and Worship songs and hymns at our house. We believe music is healing and that most especially the Word of God is healing on a deep level. Katya has learned to signs to "Here I Am to Worship" and brightens up perceptibly when that song comes on our play list, or is sung at church. She will begin signing along , and there is nothing sweeter than to see her signing along to that song with a happy look on her face! We look forward to helping her learn to sign other songs.

Katya's piano teacher continues to report encouraging things from Katya's lessons with her, and is impressed with how quickly Katya picks up new musical concepts. Clearly our daughter has a love of beautiful things--music included! Since Katya already learned to play "Chopsticks" prior to her surgery, and remembered and was able to take off and play it again post-op after nearly 6 months without lessons (!!!), we expect great things are in store for Katya musically . . .

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