"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Waters are Parting

Lately so many times it has felt like our family has been standing at the Red Sea. Ahead of us are the huge and deep waters--an insurmountable obstacle that we don't know how to go around or over or through. From behind we are being pursued by the enemy. While our very lives are not in danger, so many things in our lives are very hard because of the obstacle.

One of those very hard things has been feeling like we can't fully meet Katya's needs for communcation. We had high hopes last year that we would get good help from the school, but that has not worked out very well, to put it mildly. Katya continues to learn ASL at home here as we can help her learn it, but we are not fluent by any stretch of the imagination in ASL, so it's not as fast as we think it could and should be. Since Katya does not have an ASL teacher or interpreter at school, now that she is going back to school for 6 hours a day, she is having much less time to work with us, and so she isn't making as fast of progress as she had been before school started. While private lessons would be great and helpful, there has been no way to stretch the budget to accomodate it no matter what we tried to figure out.

Today, God showed us that He is "parting the waters of the Red Sea" so to speak for Katya in this regard, and in such a lovely, lovely way!

I don't have time to type up the whole story, but turns out that there is a sweet little gal in Katya's classroom this year, who grew up with a Mommy who is fluent in ASL, and a Grandma who is fluent in ASL. And when this sweet little gal went to school, she recognized Katya signing and went home and began to talk to her Mommy about it. And as more details began to emerge about Katya's situation, and the Mommy began to understand that Katya was in school WITHOUT AN ASL INTERPRETER OR TEACHER,  this Mommy was so moved  by Katya's situation that she went to the school and said, "I'd like to volunteer in my daughter's classroom, and oh by the way, among other things that I know, I'm fluent in ASL."

Turns out . . . to make this story even more clearly a "God-thing", that this lady had first considered homeschooling her little daughter, then decided not to, and to send her to school this year. THEN--here's where it gets REALLY good--this Mom and her daughter didn't even live in our school district. They lived in a whole 'nother district. And for whatever reasons, they decided to enroll this little gal IN KATYA's SCHOOL. And then she ended up in Katya's kindy class room . . . and the rest as they say, is history.

Friends, do you GET THIS? This Mommy was so moved by our daughter's situation of being in school without the teaching and interpreter she needs for ASL that she is VOLUNTEERING to come work with Katya?! I broke out in goose bumps as we were talking and she was sharing this with me today after we dropped off our girls about the same time. I see and feel the Spirit of God moving in Katya's behalf with this. And best of all, I felt such a caring and compassionate heart from this Mom. She has experience working with special needs kids and kids who have been abused, and I think we have a new best friend in her! She will be a GREAT resource for Katya and our family.

She has been learning ASL ever since she was FOUR YEARS OLD and her best friend's parents were deaf. Since her friend knew ASL she wanted to learn it to . . . and she went on to learn it so well that eventually she spent time interpreting in court, for patients at Doctor's visits etc. Clearly, this is the woman we need in Katya's court, helping her!!

Thank you, Lord Jesus for seeing our heart's cries for Katya and once again, parting the waters of the "Red Sea". This was not a literal sea for our family, but it was a big obstacle, with a need for divine intervention, and You have provided that for us, just as You did for the Israelites! Great is your faithfulness!"

Please join in praying that the background check for this woman comes back VERY soon so that she can begin working with Katya! I see great things in store for Katya with more teaching for her . . . please pray that the school will work well with this woman so she can help Katya as much as possible. And pray for God to bless and prosper her and her little daughter for their caring and compassionate hearts for Katya's needs!


Milena said...

Such a wonderful opportunity for Katya! To learn more ASL which I guess will help her learn more generally in school and to get a friend too! All of it so important for a child! Hooray!

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Milena said...

I read at Hevel's blog that Katya is not well and that you face other challenges too and I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lydia Rosencrants said...


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