"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"No, I am NOT Fussy All the Time!"

Tonight Katya's school had a Family Literacy Night. Paul had already made plans with Chad and Kristina to do an activity that was being sponsored by a local organization that supports Dads. It was not a Katya-friendly activity, so I jumped on the chance to take Katya to the literacy night program after I found out about it. I took Charity along, and so Charity accompanied Katya to the various stations for activities to support literacy while I sat and listened to the parent talk.

Having Charity there to work with Katya on her signing evidently was an eye opener to some of the staff that was assisting. She heard a few whispers such as, "Would you look at that?!" when Katya signed. HA!

Later in the evening, some of the kids were asking questions of Charity. One of the questions was, "So does she [Katya] just fuss all the time?!" Katya jerked and began signing, "NO! NO! NO!" Charity was quick to assure the kid that Katya does NOT fuss all the time, and that furthermore, she has a lot to fuss about because she wants to tell people things and she can't so much of the time!

We were pretty stinking proud of Katya that she stood up for herself and was quick to let that kid know that she is not fussy all the time!

Some of the ways that Katya has had damage done to her emotionally are pretty personal, and I don't tend to blog freely about them. But I did want to let Katya's supporters and prayer warriors know that even in those areas, we are seeing God doing some awesome healing . . . thank you for praying for Katya and please keep on. God is a healing God, and we are claiming healing for her in Jesus' Name!


Mike and Christie said...

How WONDERFUL that she stood up for herself. I bet the staffs eyes were really opened tonight! Charity is a blessing!

Milena said...

That's great, that Katya stood up for herself, clearly showing that she has a working mind and that she can express herself! How wonderful that she got an opportunity to show some more of her real self at school!

I'm happy to hear that you see Katya heal in many areas. I shiver reading your words about the damage done to her since the way you write makes me guess what happened :-( Poor sweet girl. So happy that sheis safe and loved now, even though it takes a toll on all of you. You will be in my prayers.