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Friday, September 28, 2012

Charitable Maternity Care

What on earth does Charitable Maternity Care have to do with a blog that focuses mainly on adoption?!

Well, one of the reasons we have both of our adopted daughters, one from Russia, and one from Ukraine, is that their birth mom's did not abort them, thank God! Even though both of them have special needs, they are both wonderful girls and daughters who are gifts from God.

My heart heart goes out to women who face pregnancy and are not sure how to pay for their pregnancy and post-partum care. Some women who are in that situation may find themselves at a provider who urges abortion as a "solution" to the tough situation. Or they may have a disgnosis of probable special needs in their child, which could also lead to encouragement (or pressure even at times) to abort.

Women need safe, supportive care even if they are economically challenged or face an adverse prenatal diagnosis! I'm happy that there is an organization that is working to provide this to women in one of our states. And there is a company that is willing to support a non-profit doing good! But the organization NEEDS YOUR VOTES to win $50,000. Will you please go to http://gardenofeagan.blogspot.com/2012/09/charitable-maternity-care.html  and read about The Morning Center? And then VOTE every day for The Morning Center? We can help them in this important way to succeed in their desire to provide compassionate and mother/baby friendly care!

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