"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Saturday, September 29, 2012

And Yet Another CT Scan

Yesterday Katya had her 6th CT Scan in less than a year. Dr. Carson wanted her to have it because she continues to have headaches. Thankfully they are not daily as they were evidently for about two weeks, but she is still having them often enough that we all felt that a CT was in order.

When Katya gets a headache, she is weepy, irritable, and can become very aggressive towards the other kids she is around. Sometimes it takes a while till we figure out that a headache must be triggering her behaviors, although I think we are all getting more "aware" that a headache could be the root problem. When we ask her if she has an owie, and to show us where, she will often point to a spot behind her incision line, on the side of her head, towards the back of her head.

The headaches can come suddenly it seems. Yesterday Paul was going to take her to school. As she got into the car, she began screeching and pulling at her hair band. That was the first signal. Then she fussed and tugged at her hair band all the way to school, and occasionally held her head. Paul informed the teachers that if she continued to seem like she was "off" and/or in pain, that the school was to call us. Sure enough, about 20 minutes or so after he got home, we got a call. Katya had been being very aggressive towards the other kids, and kept whimpering and holding her head. We grabbed the Tylenol bottle and went over to assess her, using the check-list Dr. Carson's office has given us to determine whether or not it is a "head to the ER *NOW* type of an emergency, or if Tylenol could give given. Thankfully, it was a "Give Tylenol" situation.

Poor Katya was so eager for the Tylenol she almost shook trying to help me hurry and get the medicine into the medicine cup. Then she eagerly gulped it down and snuggled on my lap for a few minutes. Once the Tylenol started kicking in, she was ready to get back up and go join her class again. The school reported that the rest of the day went better, and she didn't even need a second dose.

So given her latest headache, we were glad we had the CT appointment to take Katya to right after school was done. Thankfully, we were able to get it done locally this time. Paul and I took her in to the local place, I went back with her, suited up and "went into the CT scanner" with her again. She cooperates well for the scan except for holding her head really still--she wants to move her head around. So every time they end up asking me to hold her head in place with my hand. That means that my right side of my body has been going into the CT scanner with her again and again and again as well. Normally, it doesn't seem to cause any immediate effects, but yesterday within minutes, my skin began to sting and burn in spots. By the time I got home, I had reddening in a few spots that stung like a sunburn on my arm and my face. I treated it well with coconut oil, and today it's mostly all better except for a couple of spots on my face/ear.

Having said that, we would really appreciate prayers for protection for Katya's brain/body from the radiation, and for my body as well. Prayers for wisdom for Dr. Carson when he evaluates Katya's CT scan on Monday would be appreciated too. We Fed-Exed the CD of the scan to him, so it should be there Monday am for his perusal.

Part of me fears he will not find anything, and we will be left watching Katya suffer these headaches without knowing what is triggering them or what to do about it other than continue to dose with Tylenol. The other part of me is fearful of what the CT scan could show . . .  Whatever the case, I know that God is in control, He sees all of this, and knows . . .


Esther said...

It could be the hairband was aggravating Katya's head just enough that it caused the severe HA. I have a problem with muscle spasms, and there are many clothing items that set them off so that I end up with a spasm which leads to a HA, which can lead to a migraine. I have learned what I can't wear and mostly what I can wear. But sometimes I am fooled.

It may be hard to have her give up pretty headbands, but try a ribbon around pigtails, or other alternatives.

If this does help, as she gets further away from the surgery date - in several years- she may be able to go back to the head bands.

Personally, I never could wear headbands when I was young- they always bothered me!!

Praying for katya~

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Thanks for your concern and prayers. To clarify, the "hair band" is what some people would call a "pony tail holder", not an actual head band. She really can't wear head bands due to how her head is still shaped. They just want to slip around on her head.