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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Happy Saturday

Saturday most of our family loaded up and went an hour away to a library that does a children's program in ASL. We try to take Katya to that as much as we can, in order to help her be exposed to others using signs, and to help our family learn more signs. Since the program is spoken as well as signed, we all enjoy the stories and songs. Often we just book it right home after the program, but yesterday we packed our lunch and took a few hours to enjoy ourselves after the program.

One of the family's from our church had wanted Katya to have a new set of Legos, and they gave us $20.00 to purchase a set for her. So our first stop after the program was to the Lego store! I knew that Katya really likes the "Friends" line of Legos that Lego has, so I picked two sets that were in the price range and let her choose. After a quick look at both sets, Katya grabbed the set that Charity and I were both sure she would likely go for! It was "Olivia's Tree House". We both figured she would choose that one due to the large amount of flowers, butterflies and other little tiny pieces that she so adores! It was so fun to be able to help her get a Lego set, so thank you K and M.S.!! We really appreciate it!

After that, we ate our lunch in the car in the parking garage, and then walked to the bookstore. We spent a happy hour or so there browsing through books. I had a gift card for there and so was able to pick out a easy reader for Chad, and a book called  "Manners Time" for Katya. I'm very excited about the book for Katya because I have been looking for books that would help us teach her more of the things she so desperately needs to understand and know, and this book is PERFECT. It even includes the lines, "Look the person in the eye when you say Good-bye" and that is just wonderful, because Katya, while she has now learned to wave, "Good-bye" will often turn her back to the person and THEN wave good-bye! This book is from a series so I'm hopeful that I will be able to add more books to her library from the series that will be useful in teaching her things she needs to know to develop.

After that, we took ourselves back home. Poor Katya, who had really done quite well overall up to this point, found the fact that she was not allowed to open up her Lego set and begin playing with it in the car to be so totally distressing as to warrant her loudest shrieks accompanied by kicking the driver's seat just ahead of her as hard as she could. After a few miles of that, and nothing we said or did served to calm her down, Paul finally got out and talked to her gently but firmly, and she quieted down enough that we were able to soon distract her with her new book, and then she calmed further and arrived finally back home happy and calm.

Good thing, because the Lego set was just waiting to be opened up and played with!!! Big Sister Charity sat down and helped her assemble it. Katya was so intent on all the lovely pieces, and figuring out what she could do with each of them!

Enjoying the fruit of her labors.

And just look at the joy!!! ;-)

Also, please observe how chubby her cheeks are getting! Right before school started, Katya's appetite took a great jump, and we are witnessing the happy results as she finally starts to fill out weight wise! We are so happy for how healthy she is finally starting to look!

I also have a very important praise report for those who have been praying for Katya--starting Friday after school, Katya has been much more accepting of Chad receiving attention and affection from me! She has spent the whole weekend being mostly accepting of this, instead of screeching and physically trying to separate us. It is such a shocking departure from what we have dealt with constantly for over a year that I find myself hardly knowing how to relate to it! However, I can assure you that it's done much to encourage Chad's heart and to make him more hopeful for the future. Also, it has made our home so much more pleasant! I don't know if this will be a permanent change, or if Katya's behavior will revert back to her old ways, but I feel hopeful that my little girl is finally starting to comprehend perhaps that Mommy has enough love for ALL her children, and that my giving love to Chad doesn't diminish the love I have for her in any wise.

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Milena said...

I smile from ear to ear, reading such happy news about Katya, her development and interacting with her family! Such joy!