"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 Food time on the trip to the Speech Pathologist

I don't have any photos of our time with the SLP, so  the next ones are from after the appointment.

Katya was VERY curious about the figurines at the Creation Museum. She was trying to reach into the pocket of the boy's jacket to find his hand that appeared to be tucked into the pocket!

 Katya took apart and then re-did the 36 piece puzzle of Noah's Ark. It wasn't the easiest puzzle to do either!

Chad was getting tired of waiting for her to be done and was showing her he'd help--the look on her face was NOT one of assent . . . and he had to quickly pull his hand back . . .

Charity took this photo of Chad walking through the museum.

This fascinating quilt was donated to the Museum by a lady from Canada.

Close ups of some of the scenes . . . 

 The children sucking their candy sticks while walking the grounds.

We enjoyed walking around the grounds. The plantings are so much more developed then when we were last there a handful of years ago. Chad loved the little pond with the fish--and Katya was definitely interested but was too afraid to get very close, due to the fish.

I could have enjoyed a WHOLE LOT MORE TIME walking and sitting around the gardens.

We had Katya wear her new back-to-school outfit, and her shoes, that day to start breaking them in  . . . we had a hard time finding shoes for her this year that we were satisfied with. We finally found these on clearance at Gymboree (plus combined with a 20% off coupon we had) and she loves, loves, loves them as near as we can tell! Her feet are still so very narrow that they are a bit "wide" even though they are regular sized shoes. However, they do seem like they will stay on so we'll go with that and hope that as she continues to gain weight and grow they will start to fit even a little better than they do right now.

Love the happy look on Chad's face here! He truly enjoyed his time with us!

It's fun getting to see her enjoy new experiences! What a difference a year has made in her life . . . While taking her through the CM was still challenging, she did great FOR HER. In terms of how she behaves, she is all over the chart . . . it's hard to say what age level she is at right now--in many ways she is only around a 2 year old, in other ways, she is easily her age. And then it's all over the chart inbetween those two ages, depending on what we are talking about. However, when we first brought her home, most of her ability and responses to life were some where on the level of a 6 month old child. Knowing as we do that trauma in a child's life, can freeze them at that the age developmentally that the trauma occurred, it does not surprise us. Katya was transferred from the hospital where she spent the first 5 months of her life to the orphanage where she stayed until we busted her out when she was 6.5 years old. The abuse and neglect that Katya experienced in the orphanage has shaped her life and her responses to things. But slowly, as she is given the love and attention of a family, she is changing. In addition to her changing emotionally and developmentally, Katya has gained weight and gotten bigger! In June of 2011, she came home wearing size 3T clothing that bagged on her. She had no body fat. The clothes she has on in the photo? The top is a size 7. It's a big baggy in the shoulders due to how narrow she is, but she needs it to be a 7 for the length. The skirt is a size 6. Her shoes are a size 1. Last year her shoes were 12's.

When we stopped for supper on the way home, Chad on his own carefully picked a table that was just right for us, and then set it all up nicely with a cup of ketchup at each place! He did this totally on his own, and we were so pleased and proud of him! He is growing up too!

And I leave you with one last photo of the day of Katya, as she sat, anticipating the food she knew she was about to get! She often still tries to hide her smiles but we see the sparkle in her eyes and know she is pleased. ;-)

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