"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Saturday, August 18, 2012

News Flash!!!

Earlier this week, I thought several times that when Katya wanted to be picked up she might have been whispering something . . . In fact, I was fairly sure she was, but with my old ears, I didn't want to shout about it for sure. In fact, I did as I find that I often am wont to do--I simply was like Mary of old and kept it and pondered on it in my heart. I didn't share it even with Paul.

Today, we went to "Amish Country" to stock up on spelt flour again, and pick up a few other necessities. At the farm where we get our spelt flour (25 lbs whole grain, 25 lbs white--that will hopefully get us through the next handful of months) there was a small dog today! Katya was so worried getting out of the van that she about climbed on her Daddy's head and kept clinging to him until he got her safely into the store. Then she was content to move around at my side, but when she realized that we were gathering up our purchases and preparing to go back outside, she immediately sidled over by her Dadddy. I smiled to myself, as I knew she was probably making sure Daddy would carry her out the door for her "safety". Sure enough--she held up her arms, indicating she wanted to be picked up.

Paul said to her, as we do, "Katya, say, 'Uuuu!' if you want me to pick you up."

And Katya said what I thought she had been saying earlier in the week--in a nice whisper--"UP!"

Paul's face as he looked at me was worth the "keeping quiet" I had done! ;-) He looked so shocked and pleased as he exclaimed, "She said 'UP'!"

Yes, that's what I thought I heard her say several times earlier in the week . . .

Let us hope and pray that this is the start of many, many more words to come, and eventually full speech . . .

Since Katya has a big speech evaluation Monday, this is very timely! We can discuss this latest excitement at her speech evaluation, and hopefully it will help provide a clue for the speech language pathologist.

We appreciate your prayers for our sweet little gal.