"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Katya Stories And a Prayer Request

Thought you all might be in the mood for some Katya Stories.

Yes? You are? Read on!

Tonight at supper we asked Katya if she wanted "More peas". She grimaced and wiggled her body and clearly was not thrilled but then her left hand popped up in the sign for "Three".  "Oh--do you want three peas?!" we asked. She signed, "YES" and we gave her exactly THREE peas. She was satisfied and ate them.

Last night we told Katya that in the morning we would go to church. I then asked her if she liked church. She got a very thoughtful look on her face and thought awhile, then signed "I love you" . I guessed--"do you LOVE church, Katya?!" she looked immensely pleased, signed "yes!" and then went bouncing off.

This afternoon Katya was looking at the pictures of Charity on the rappelling trip she went on yesterday. She got REALLY agitated especially about the one that showed Charity dropping down over the edge of the cliff. She was almost in tears--whimpering and being very agitated. Charity had to hug her and kiss her and reassure her that she was safe and HERE before Katya calmed down. I guess she did NOT approve of Charity rappelling!

We are finding things stashed here and there inside and out that clearly are Katya's handiwork. Charity's denim jacket, all neatly buttoned and under the back porch. A book tucked under the porch steps on another day. My dress hanging up in the coat closet--again, all neatly buttoned. Library books tucked here and there. It's definitely a challenge to make sure we don't lose things, and even with our best efforts, she is so quick and fast and we can't supervise her 100% every single second, so things DO disappear. We end up spending a lot of time and energy, and even money, due to this aspect. Most of the time we can chuckle ruefully or even whole-heartedly about our finds. While it's frustrating other times, it honestly could be worse, and we try to stay focused on the positive aspect--at least Katya is evidently wanting to be neat.

Our little girlie continues to challenge us and we continue to seek ways of reaching through to her. We are currently working with our adoption agency to obtain some extra support and guidance for some behaviors that are not so amusing. I will be going there on Wednesday to meet with two of the Social Workers and get some paperwork taken care of, as well as go over some of our concerns. I'm grateful that our homestudy agency is a top-notch agency that continues to "be there" for us even after Katya has been home this long.

Continue to pray for Katya and our family  . . . .  Our family faces some very large challenges right now, and we do need God's wisdom each day!

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Mike and Christie said...

She is doing so awesome! I hope you are able to get a handle on the hoarding/hiding..... But.... so thankful she is doing so FANTASTIC!