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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Weekly Report

Another week has gone by. We see little improvements in Kayta--well, maybe some of these can be classed as big ones?! This past week she started back up with some jumping now and then--nothing compared to what she used to do, mind you, but a few little hops now and then. Her energy level is stronger, clearly, when she is up doing things. She still needs to spend a LOT of time resting, but when she is up she is more energetic and more purposeful. Katya has even been helping again with things that she can help with such as setting the table, rinsing dishes etc.

The BIG news is that she was well enough to go out Saturday to the special needs support group party! That was about an hour and a half long activity. Katya was clearly thrilled to be back and a ear to ear smile wreathed her face when she looked in the doorway and saw the activities and toys laid out at the various tables! She did amazingly well during the whole time--the best she has ever done to date! YAY KATYA! She even went up and partcipated in the activities during the songs, and helped with the puppets! Those two are a first for her--normally she has been tantruming during that time period! So needless to say, her big sisters were VERY proud of her. So was Mama when she found out! And hey, for that matter--so was the rest of the family!!!

Katya was pretty wiped out after the fun and excitement, and came home to spend most of the rest of the day laying down watching videos and resting quietly. But I am so thankful we were able to take her out, and it seemed to do her good--I think it was a real positive mental health thing for her! We did a lot of hand cleaning before, during, and after and hope and pray that no yucky bugs hitched a ride home with us.

Today we chose to go to a church that was close to our home, rather than go to our church which is a good drive away. That way we could take Katya out to church, (since it was a much shorter stretch of time up for her) and be together as a family (minus Todd who has fallen prey to a stomach bug--pray that Katya does not get it, please!) rather than just some of us getting to go to our church while someone had to stay home with Katya. It was the first that all of us minus one had been able to go to church together since early March, so it was high time! It felt great to get all of the 4 youngest ready for church, and then to sit in church with them and Paul. Katya seemed to enjoy that outing too for the most part. Since this church had done a lot of praying for Katya over the time she was in the hospital, I thought it was nice they could see her today. Maybe in a week or two Katya will be strong enough that we can all go to our church together. Being split apart for Sunday after Sunday has been very hard for this Mama . . . I hope we are soon at an end of family separation for routine things such as church.

After resting most of the afternoon, Katya went outside with Charity this evening to swing a little bit. Charity got some fun photos she gave me permission to share.

"Poof! Fly Away!"

A happy twinkle . . .  And note the new "gap" in her smile?? She lost that tooth this last week on her own, and we have absolutely NO idea what she did with it! She wouldn't show us when we asked her . . . and if we asked her if she put her tooth in the trash can and if so, to show us, she would just cackle and dance away. At any rate, it's gone . . . probably to never be seen again!

 Due to her expanded head size, some of the cute hats she had prior to surgery don't fit! She's actually wearing one of my hats in these photos.

And this last photo is our prayer request for the week photo . . . Do you see the look on Katya's sweet little face in this photo? Katya's anxiety levels have been very high since surgery, and they are impacting her considerably in various ways, and in turn, impacting our family significantly. We are asking for prayers that she would feel the comforting peace that only Jesus can bring to her sweet little heart and soul . . . pray for her, and pray for us as we pursue the support and care she needs each day . . . we love our little Ukrainian princess deeply and long for her to become the whole and happy person in all ways that God created her to be. We know it's going to take time, and we are OK with that. In the meantime, we appreciate your prayers and support each day, deeply. I can't say it enough--we really DO appreciate all the love and support that has flowed in for Katya! The notes, the cards, the phone calls, the packages, the financial help, the people who have pitched in locally here in various ways from mowing the lawn to giving us a hand with baby sitting or whatever . . . we are blessed in so many ways. We pray that God richly blesses all of you for your loving hearts to care for "the least of these".Thank you for praying. . . .

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Loving the Mommy Life said...

So glad she is doing better and has been able to get out some. Praying for all of you!