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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Head Swelling

From Amy -
Well, I said in the last post that the swelling of Katya's head was not that bad, but apparently the one set of docotrs that said it was just normal post-surgery swelling were wrong and Dr. Carson says that it's evidence of a leak somwhere. So he put her on a new medicine that is supposed to drain off the fluid and allow it to heal itself.
*If this does not work*...
The fallback option is more surgery. This is something NOBODY wants to think of right now, the idea is next to terrifying...another 2.5 weeks of this stress...not sure if anyone can handle that right now!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that the medicine does it's job and Katya's body can fix itself with the med's help. Katya seeems to be in great spirits even with her head swollen like a water balloon. She did go for a rather lengthy walk, and has been a couple other times, so she seems to be pain-free or at least compared to other pain she experienced, it's not as bad.
She was allowed to put on something other than a shapeless hospital gown...a monkey nightie that Kristina and I picked out at Kohl's and sent in a care package to her family that arrived Monday. Let me know if you have interest of sending anything to them, and comment with your email address. I'll delete your comment after I see it so your email isn't just floating out there (so you mght want to leave seperate comments...one comment with whatever you want to say in response to this post and another with your e-addy). I can email you the address directly where you can send things to the Duecks. They will appreciate any comfort they can get.
Whew, that was a long post. I will leave you with a few pictures from Charity's blog...
She was in a good mood PRE walk...note the cross eyed spinning
She helped the nurses unhook her monitors, which she knows how to do as well as them by now. ;)

And when she got back, she was very very happy!
I am told it appeared that she was plotting her escape on the walk...paying close attention to the doors and stairwells. :)

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Loving the Mommy Life said...

I'd love to have their address. abcunroe@yahoo.com Making a care package for them would be something we would enjoy. Do we know how long she is suppose to be in the hospital if everything goes well from this point on?