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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Good Report

We got a good report back from the set of labs Katya had done on Monday. All her values that were tested are "perfect"! That's encouraging! It also means I need to get to the pharmacy to get a refill bottle of one of the meds she is on, as it's "doing it's job" so Katya is going to keep taking it!

On the home front, we are trying to encourage Katya to eat more. Both meds she is on can impact the appetite, and they definitely do seem to do that. Katya isn't eating enough to regain any weight--maybe hardly enough to maintain what she has left some days. We are doing lots of healthy snacks as well as trying to offer favorite foods. Charity even made a pot of borscht for all of us using the left-over broth and meat from a roast that was given to us when we got home from Baltimore. It seriously was THE best pot of borscht we have ever made, and Katya loved it! I'm glad we are also in a good season for fruits as she does love her fruits, and so we are being able to coax some extras in there too.

There is a lot of irritability going on these days. The smallest thing can trigger it. We can even be having a conversation that doesn't include Katya at all, and she will suddenly start yelling and fussing as if we had said something reproving to her. Needless to say, we are urgently looking for means to try to help her just relax a bit  . . . today we tried keeping her more quiet and resting a lot more than the previous two days. Based on how things were today, I think we made a wise call (thanks, Charity, for that insightful suggestion!) and will try to repeat it again tomorrow as much as possible. It means that we aren't able to get much done around here, but the fact that a homeschool friend sent in her daughter today to help for a few hours off-set that loss of time and we were able to still get a lot of necessary things done today AND keep Katya with the company/support she needed to spend more time resting. (She loves, LOVES, LOVES Mommy holding her and rocking, so thankfully the time passes well if I'm sitting and rocking her, and Kristina and Charity also have taken turns spending time with Katya as well when she needs to stay quiet and resting.)

We are grateful to all who have helped support our family during this time . . . in so many ways, there has been support--thank you! I know mere words can't repay, but that is all I have to offer, so thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

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