"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Henry--Katya and Dr. Carson

Katya, the day before surgery, taken specifically for Henry. She wasn't that impressed with getting her photo taken right at the moment, and Dr. Carson suggested we try again since he knew the photo was especially for Henry, but I told him, "Henry knows Katya, and he will totally understand!" ;-)

I've tried several times before to load this photo, and blogger was completely uncooperative, so thankfully I could do it today! Maybe if blogger is cooperative, I can get up some more photos. ;-)

And while we are showing this photo, I have to tell you that Katya went into the Operating Room the day of surgery still happily sporting her (now famous) polka dot glasses. When I put her on the table, she began whimpering, and I said to myself, "OH NO! She clearly remembers and must not be happy!" But a fast thinking nurse said, "Let me just give her a heated blanket" and Katya grabbed that, pulled it up over her head and settled right down. I said, "OH! She does that when she wants to sleep!" So I felt encouraged. The anethesilogist pulled the blanket corner back to peek at her and start to show her the plastic mask they would use to put her to sleep, and before he could explain anything, Katya snaked her hand up so fast he hardly knew what happened, snatched that mask and clamped it right over her face! CLEARLY she remembered and knew exactly what needed done--because last time THEY held the mask over her face!

The surgery staff were surprised, but of course terribly pleased. "You want to do it yourself, baby? Oh we can roll with that!" and they quickly hooked the mask up to the hose and let her put herself to sleep! So, there is Katya, plastic mask clamped with one little hand on her face, sporting her bright red sun glasses with polka dots, and making "P" sounds as hard as ever she can in response to my encouraging her to do that as she breathes in such deep breaths when she tries to make "P" sounds. All of a sudden, Katya lifted her glasses up on to her forehead, took a long, deep hard look into my eyes with her baby blues, and then was out, just like that.

The glasses left the OR with Mommy, and were returned to her in PICU once she was out of surgery 12 plus hours later. Her swelling was too much to wear the glasses for the first several days, but after they got her swelling under control the second time she was in PICU, she began sporting them again, especially to sleep at night (great way to block out the PICU lights) much to the great amusement of the nurses. She put a lot of smiles on the medical staff's faces when they would see her and she got a reputation among everyone for her sunglasses. And a few other things as well too, but those are stories for another time!


Milena said...

That girl....:-) What a wonderful story about her and her sunglasses! Hilarious! Please share the other stories really soon, will you?

mommajeane said...

I used to have problems all the time downloading pics on blogger. Now I use onetruemedia and you can post directly to your blog on blogger. It is easy, free and gets it done....So glad she is doing better. We have been praying.

Jay DePoy said...

Heart breaking, yet full of Hope! You are not alone, and the Great Physician uses modern science to accomplish his healing touch today... Prayers remain.

Jay DePoy
(Asheville, NC)