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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Doctor's Who Need Prayed For

Dr. Benjamin Carson

Benjamin Carson

Link to more info here: http://www.hopkinschildrens.org/Benjamin-Carson-MD.aspx

And Dr. Amir Hossein Dorafshar

Link to more info (and photo) here: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/doctors/results/directory/profile/0535944/amir-dorafshar

These two physicians will be leading the team working on Katya on March 21st. Pray for health for them, for clear eyes and steady hands, and for much wisdom and discernment for each of them. And I pray the same for all the rest of the team who will be involved.

I know Dr. Carson is a believer and prays. He told us when Katya had her ICP surgery that he feels the difference when he is operating on a patient who is being prayed for versus one who is not. I don't know exactly what all "difference" he feels, but as a Christian myself, and having felt the power of prayers, I believe he does feel a difference. How awesome to know that he prays for his patients before surgery, and while he is operating on them! I know Katya will be in the best hands that she can be during surgery--God's and Dr. Carson's. I don't know so much about Dr. Dorafshar but I do know he's been hand-picked by Dr. Carson for Katya's surgery, and that gives me confidence. I also liked his attitude toward Katya when he met her in the hospital back in November, and he totally won my Mommy heart when he said, "What was allowed to happen to her was a travesty of justice!" Indeed.

The good news is that I believe God has orchestrated every single teeny tiny detail of this, all the way from preparing Dr. Carson many years ago to become a surgeon, to impressing it on my heart that we were to try to get Katya seen by him, even though we didn't know *why* at that point for sure, to opening all the doors for her to become one of his carefully selected new patients (he only sees a very few new patients each year).

And when I'm tempted to panic and to let fear sweep over me like an ocean, I have to look back at each of those steps . . . and realize that if this is all in God's hands, then I need to trust that only what is best for Katya and for us is going to be allowed to happen by Almighty God. Nothing about Katya has escaped God's attention. Not one single tiny little detail. He knows every single strand of her beautiful blond hair. He knows exactly what is going to happen or not happen to Katya (and all of us).

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