"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pre-Op Physical and Labs

Today Katya will go to our family Doctor for her pre-op physical. This is a complete exam of all body systems and a very thorough heart and lung check. In order to hold up to the stress that surgery is going to impose on her little body, every thing needs to be in top working order prior to surgery. After we are done at the Doctor, we go to the hospital lab for a big blood draw. There are many factors to consider before going into such a risky surgery, and everyone wants to make sure that no bases are left un-checked for any signs of potential problems.

On our end, we have been doing everything we can to try to make sure Katya's body is in optimal health. Lots of good fresh fruits and veggies, plenty of other nutritious food, lots of coconut oil for it's healthy fats and healing properties, chlorophyll to help build her blood supply as strong and healthy as it can be, and so on.

And while all that is right to do and what we should do as good parents, we know that ultimately, what matters most is that God keeps His hand over Katya. And He is. And He will. I am choosing to believe that.

So I grit my teeth and march on through this--I hate taking her to be poked again. When we first brought her home she would cry quietly, hold out her arm and hold still for blood draws. After she had an IV with general anethesia for her MRI scan, she has been in an absolute panic about needles, and it takes her Daddy's strength to hold her if a needle is in sight, poor girl.

Thankfully, when she had her ICP monitor surgery, the staff put Katya to sleep with gas while she laid on the OR table and I was there with my arms wrapped around her, talking to her, and the Russian interpreter was there (at my request) talking to her and telling her all the nice things the OR staff was saying about her! She went to sleep quite easily and calmly. Then they started the IV and kept her under via IV. I'm under the impression that is the usual method pediatric patients at JH so I would expect the same this time. So hopefully the blood draw for labs today is the last poke she is awake for, for a long, long time. (And hopefully Katya will feel calm and safe and go to sleep easily this time as well! Please pray for that!!!)

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