"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Long Vigil Has Begun

Yesterday Katya and we met with Dr. Carson. After the huge obstacles, along with many more "minor" obstacles, and the outright attacks our family has gone through during the time leading up to Katya's surgery, it did not surprise us entirely to have Dr. Carson share that he was alive and talking with us only by the Grace of God. On his way to the hospital yesterday morning he was broad-sided by a car--"I nearly was killed. Only my airbags saved my life." When we shared with him that we have felt like the evil one is on the rampage trying to prevent Katya's surgery, his face grew very sober, his lips pressed tightly together and he nodded with the understanding of a man who was also feeling the heat. "We will win" he said, and I believe that. I don't know what all God's plans and purposes are for Katya and our family during this time, but I believe that they are huge or the evil one would not be attacking so diabolically. As Dr. Carson shared yesterday, "I will do my best. Whether she lives or dies is up to God." And we truly believe that. Katya has been preserved by God this far--she is in His hands.

We thank you for praying along with our family as the long vigil has begun. I was with Katya till she was asleep and then kissed her and left her in the hands of the team Dr. Carson picked to work on her. They need your prayers, Katya needs your prayers, and our family will greatly appreciate them.

Also, just a interest sake thing, Katya's case is so unusual that Dr. D. asked us if we would consent to allow any--some--or all of various things such as videotapes of the surgery, photos before and after, etc. to be used as teaching tools to try to help educate other Doctors. We are agreeing, because we hope that as more kids are saved from orphanages there will be more Doctor's equipped and prepared to deal with the challenges they will be presented with by the kids who were so long neglected.


The Kings said...

Praying for Katya!

Mike and Christie said...

Praise the Lord for such a report as this. :) Katya is truly in His hands, as we all are.