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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Hump, or a Bump in the Road?!

Well, after sitting around in the Doctor's office for well over an hour today before we got taken back to a room, we found out that Katya had a very low-grade temp--99. We knew she'd been a bit snuffly the last few days but assumed it was allergies (and it may have started out all that way originally) since she battles with those a lot. We were faithfully giving her allergy meds and extra Vit C. etc.

When her Doc tried to check her ears, she instantly tried to guard them with her hands and was dodging every which way trying to keep him from being able to look in. Since she's normally fairly cooperative about a medical exam as long as she's not scared or in pain, we all began to wonder if something was wrong. Sure enough, after I finally got her gently pinned down enough on the table that Dr. J. could get a look in both ears, they were both red and unhappy!

No one was happy with that news, because it meant Dr. J. couldn't sign off on the all-important pre-op physical exam paper for Dr. Carson.

After some discussion, it was agreed that Dr. J. will check her "one last time" late Thursday. He's hoping that the meds he prescribed will do the trick QUICKLY and that Katya will be fever-free, and have nice, normal healthy ears again! Since she'd been amazingly sweet today (even at school!) how were any of us to know she was sick?!

After FINALLY getting out of the Drs office around 5:00 pm (her appt. had been at 2:45 pm. (!~) ) we headed back into town to the hospital. Got the required labs done there (poor thing--she got so fearful and cried when she saw the nurse getting her gloves on and the needle out, but she obediently held out her little arm and cooperated really well this time even though she shrieked and sobbed till the nurse drew out the needle). After we were done at the hospital we dutifully made our stop at the pharmacy.

That ended up being a long wait and a hassle. Long story short, we were finally told that information is evidently missing from our insurance company which ended up making us have to pay money we weren't supposed to have to pay for Katya's prescription. I'm not a happy camper at having one more thing to have to deal with tomorrow, but a phone call MUST be made to get to the bottom of this.

By the time I dragged my weary self home it was 7:00 pm.--and I had left the house at 2:00 pm to pick Katya up from school. (And yes, if you wonder why a Mama of special needs children feels constantly behind on her work and life . . . that gives you a good clue as to part of the reason WHY! Please keep that in mind the next time I show up looking harried and rather unkempt, or the next time you stop at my house and find dirt and clutter in far, far too many corners!)

Since Charity wasn't feeling well, and I didn't want to ask her to make supper, I still had to throw supper together . . . and then it was a mad race to try to get children into bed. Katya got in really late by the time we got her bath, meds etc. all done and I spent time cuddling her. Good thing she isn't allowed to go to school tomorrow anyway, as she'd be too tired to go! As for this Mama, I feel really exhausted myself and would love nothing more than to be able to sleep in as long as I wanted but I don't suppose that will be happening . . .

In the meantime . . . pray for this hump or bump or whatever it is in the road to be removed if Katya is to have her surgery next week!

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