"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Katya's Garden!

Katya is a gardener. Yes, she is! In this bitter, snowy weather, she still manages to garden! Her garden is VERY important to her! Every morning she runs first thing after she comes down the stairs to check on it. Every day as soon as she gets home the first thing she does is run and check on her garden. When she's done with supper, the first thing she does is run and check on her garden! And every night after her bath is done, Katya checks on her garden the last thing before she goes to bed.

Yes, she's a very diligent gardener! Katya puts hours and hours into her garden every single day of the week, week after week, and it brings her much pleasure. She likes to get us to come and look at her garden while she points out items of special interest to her. Katya loves when we praise her garden.

You don't believe me?? Ahhh, thou of little faith! Just look--it's a garden! And it's Katya's! All hers. No one else's. No one but Katya touches her garden because we know it's so special to her.

Sometimes Katya changes her garden around. But the basic effect is always one of order, beauty, and careful planning.

Katya also built the sky-scraper beside her little garden. It's very tall. She pays attention to her sky-scraper, but it (of course!) does not require the time and attention that the garden does! It mostly sits there un-touched except for occasional maintenance. Every day, Katya plays by the window here.

Every day she tends her little garden with the care and precision of a master gardener.

Charity captured Katya's happiness with her garden when Charity braved the cold and went outside to shoot through the window.


Hevel Cohen said...

Legos... Such wonderful things.

Milena said...

Such a precious little girl. How wonderful that you through the legos get to share a little of what's inside your sweet Katya.

nicole said...

hubby says that is so sweet and wonders if katyas momma is thinking about doing seedlings for an indoor garden for katya??please let us know..

Hope Anne said...

Nicole, I think that would be a great idea, esp. if it was something Katya could nibble on as it grew . . . Hmmm!

nicole said...

hubby and i were in walmart looking at the gardening stuff and katya came up and he said even window seedlings would be good then eventually she could move onto her own little outdoor garden were she could feel good about little veggies she grows for the family..if youd be intrested in us sending her some kiddie seeds please email me at amomentintime@live.ca

Annie said...

Seeing her in your home makes me so happy, after just seeing the pictures of her via Reece's Rainbow. Lucky little girl - lucky you.