"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This Says a Lot!

All photos taken from our dining room door this week, by Charity.
In other news, Katya is busting out of most of her size 5 tops and jumpers! She is also popping out of her size 4 leggings, and they are sooo small that size 6 is really the next appropriate size for her, as long as they are not too wide in the waist. Katya still has a very, very slender waist, and I'm guessing her figure may just be that way. However, she is continuing to put on weight in all kinds of places--like her hands and feet--oh my goodness! They look soooo much better than they did when she came home!

Katya also got excited and signed "train" when she saw Chad playing with the toy train under our "New Year's Tree" (Soviet era custom which we follow since we have children adopted from two different countries that were under Soviet rule at one time). WE got excited then because Charity had only used the sign "train" with Katya a very few times, and the last time was at least a month or more ago when they had seen a real train. For Katya to have dredged that up from her memory bank and appropriately used the sign with a TOY train was very exciting to us! The ASL sign was not perfect, but it was recognizeable. And Katya was visibly thrilled when Charity said, "Yes, Katya! That is a train!"
Little Miss Katya has also become extremely affectionate with Charity! She is more affectionate right now with Charity than with any other member of the family. Charity has poured a lot of hours of loving care into her so I'm glad to see that Katya is recognizing that and reciprocating by initiating hugs with Charity. ;-) It does my Mommy heart good! I would expect that we will continue to see her become increasingly affectionate with other members of the family as time moves on.
Katya celebrated Christmas AND her birthday last month. She is now 7. I hope to post photos from both of those events another day.
Thank you again to all who have been praying and supporting our family in our journey with Katya--those who have helped financially, emotionally, with prayers and love, in practical ways with clothing etc., phone calls to let us know you care--we appreciate it ALL sooo much! We can not do this without the loving help of God and His people! Thank you!


Peter North said...

Your family is truly amazing, I am sure that God watches your children in their garden and smiles. I am based in the UK and have just signed up my church for easyfundraising.
The parishoners can now sign up to the site and any on-line shopping they do the church recieves a small donation from the companies signed up. Im sure that your church and community could do the same for you through the church. Raising funds is hard for people at the moment but this way they are buying things they would buy anyway and doing some good. I'm not sure if this is for the UK only, but i would look into it and see if there are similar sites in the US.

May God be with you and keep you all in his heart.

Milena said...

Such adorable photos and such happy news! I'm so happy to hear such a positive update (not that I'm saying that you shouldn't share about challenges and difficulties, but well, you know what I mean!) about sweet Katya's adjustment and bonding with you - and yours with her!
So looking forward to photos of her birthday and Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing.